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Amazon Thought Police Leave Their Calling Card

Amazon Thought Police Leave Their Calling Card

Have an Amazon Kindle? Bought an ebook version of Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ or ‘1984’? Chances are you will not find those books on your Kindle today. You see, during the night, when you were tucked up safe and sound in bed, the Amazon Thought Police crept into your electronic world and snatched these books back.


Bezos On The Future of Amazon’s Kindle

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos has been speaking about plans to expand the Kindle reader across other ebook formats. Bezos spoke recently at Wired magazine’s ‘Disruptive technology’ conference held in New York and also to the New York Times newspaper. Recently Amazon released the larger DX device, which supports Adobe PDF, unlike its smaller Kindle sibling.


Amazon Acquires Lexcycle for Mobile Download Future

We have talked much in the past few months about ebooks and ereaders, but not touched upon the potential dowload of electronic product to iphones and mobile touchpads. It seems Amazon has kept its eye focused on this area with the aquisition of Lexcycle, producers of the ebook application, Stanza. The Stanza application gives iPhone


London Book Fair 2009 – Ebook Discussion, Tuesday, April 21st

Torin Douglas, BBC media correspondent hosted a discussion this morning at the London Book Fair in Earls Court on ebooks with contributions from Gail Rebuck, CEO Random House, Tim Hely-Hutchinson, CEO Hachette Livre UK, Victoria Barnsley, CEO HarperCollins UK and John Makinson, CEO Penguin Group. Getting these publishing CEO luminaries together did not achieve wholesale


Kindle 2 Launched By Amazon – The way forward for the e-reader? (Updated)

It seems the gathered publishing fraternity who turned up at the unveiling of Amazon’s new Kindle (Version 2) in the Morgan Library and Museum in New York city on Monday were more intrigued and quizzical, than necessarily bowled over by the new electronic edition to the Amazon family. Even host, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, and

Ebook Readers Reach Out to the School Classroom

There has been much talk in the publishing world about the evolution of electronic book readers and what impact they will ultimately have on the print media in general. It remains to be seen if these Ebook readers will do for print media, book publishers and online retailers, what the Ipod has done for the