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Mijn Bestseller (My Bestseller) – Reviewed

Mijn Bestseller (My Bestseller) – Reviewed

Mijn Bestseller (My Bestseller) is a DIY self-publishing platform for authors and a provider of white-label publishing solutions to third parties. Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the online company was founded by business and technology entrepreneurs, Peter Paul van Bekkum and Robert Bosma in 2010 and has published more than 4500 titles. In just four


Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – Reviewed

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has established itself as the single most recognisable DIY self-publishing platform for authors wanting to publish their books in e-book. Amazon launched Kindle Direct Publishing back in 2007 in beta form and pitched it initially to ‘publishers’ via marketing emails. Amazon had also just launched the first Kindle e-reader hardware—a basic


Lulu Launch Lulu Junior Website and Introduce Children’s Book-Making Kits

DIY self-publishing platform Lulu has launched a new brand aimed at children’s books and activity kits. will focus on books for young children, book-making kits and custom wall art. The launch follows on the foot of news late last month when Lulu agreed exclusive licensing agreements with Easy Student Publishing which will allow Lulu become the


The Key Book Publishing Paths 2.0 | Jane Friedman

Some TIPM readers will remember when I featured Jane Friedman’s excellent infographic on 5 Key Publishing Paths in June of this year. I wrote this article about the infographic and shared some thoughts on it. It led to some comments and discussion with Jane, here and elsewhere, and a lively and lengthy debate on how


Lightning Source vs. IngramSpark | Video | Brian Kittrell

This is a general walkthrough video comparing IngramSpark and Lightning Source as potential choices for authors. The video was recorded and presented by Brian Kittrell who is an author and self-publishes his books through Late Nite Books. Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant If you found this review or article helpful, but you’re still looking for


Smashwords – Reviewed

Smashwords is one of the world’s largest distributors of independent and self-published e-books with over 200,000 titles in its retail catalogue worldwide. The company also provides an online publishing platform for authors and publishers. Founded by Mark Coker, and officially launched in 2008, it represents the single most well-known option for author-publishers outside of Amazon’s