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Bookbaby Adds Distribution & Print On Demand Service

Bookbaby Adds Distribution & Print On Demand Service

Bookbaby has taken the latest step to becoming a full service provider by introducing global distribution and POD (Print On Demand) to its suite of e-book and design services. The overall service comes in at under $500 and at first looks like a good deal for self-published authors, but print prices don’t look as competitive when


Matador Launches Marketing & Distribution Services to Book Trade For Indie Authors

Matador, an imprint of Troubador Publishing, is one of the longest established self-publishing service providers in the UK and has decided to make its distribution and marketing services available to all indie authors and small publishers. The new services will provide both distribution and sales representation, whether an author has self-published entirely independently or via another self-publishing service company.


Bookbaby Ends Free eBook Distribution

From today Bookbaby has repositioned itself in the author services market with the focus wholly on its conversion services, aggregated distribution partners and customer support. In essence, Bookbaby will no longer go head to head with competitors like Smashwords and Kobo by offering a free package for authors looking to get their books into retail channels. I thought


Smashwords Annouce Revamp and Scribd Subscription and Distribution Agreement

Smashwords unveiled a complete website revamp and a new distribution partner yesterday.   The e-book publishing platform and distributor has signed an agreement with Scribd, a web-based subscription and free service host for books and documents. The full details of the press release can be found below, and Smashwords founder Mark Coker expands more on the


The Future of Amazon Deliveries? | Amazon Prime Air

Photo via Imgur – http://imgur.com/gallery/1OVaAQ0 Even the future of parcel deliveries will probably never change! Sorry … but we tried to deliver a parcel from Amazon to your address. You weren’t in. FUCK YOU! SIGNED: Your friendly Amazon Prime Air delivery service. I missed an Amazon drone delivery. – Imgur Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant If


Smashwords – Reviewed

Smashwords is one of the world’s largest distributors of independent and self-published e-books with over 200,000 titles in its retail catalogue worldwide. The company also provides an online publishing platform for authors and publishers. Founded by Mark Coker, and officially launched in 2008, it represents the single most well-known option for author-publishers outside of Amazon’s


CreateSpace Now Offer Expanded Distribution for Free

CreateSpace has announced that it is waiving the fee charged to authors who enrol books in its Expanded Distribution program. The Amazon-owned self-publishing platform posted the news to its website yesterday and many authors with CreateSpace accounts have reported receiving the following email: Hello XXXX XXXXXX, We’re excited to announce Expanded Distribution is now free! You recently


Gill Goes it Alone From Macmillan

In a time of publishing consolidation, mergers and ‘shrinkage,’ it is welcome news to hear of a publishing story working in the opposite direction. Gill & Macmillan, an established Irish trade publisher since 1968, and provider of distribution and publisher services to several small publishers in the Irish marketplace, has announced that it has bought out


Baker and Taylor Merge with Bookmasters

Bookmasters, a family-owned business for more than 40 years, has been acquired by North Carolina book and entertainment distributor, Baker & Taylor, a leader in the academic and library markets. The Ashland print, publishing and distribution company is being purchased by Castle Harlan, a New York-based, private equity firm, which is merging Bookmasters into Baker & Taylor. The transaction is being