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Google Book Settlement – When Fairness Becomes Status

Google Book Settlement – When Fairness Becomes Status

As widely expected Judge Denny Chin has acceded to the request of the plaintiffs in the Google Book Settlement case and agreed to put back the date for the Fairness Hearing scheduled for October 7th. However, in its place, Judge Denny Chin will instead preside over what is now being declared as a ‘status conference’ on the same date.


PODTV – Program 10: London Book Fair 2009 – Digital Book Publishing Discussion

For our tenth program in PODTV we return to a news item we covered in April. Hosted by the BBC Media Correspondent, Torin Douglas and a panel of Gail Rebuck, Chairman and CEO, The Random House Group Limited. Tim Hely-Hutchinson, Hachette. John Makinson, Chairman and Chief Executive , The Penguin Group. Victoria Barnsley, Publisher and