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Irish Author Paul Reid One of Four Novelist To Be Published by AmazonEncore

Irish Author Paul Reid One of Four Novelist To Be Published by AmazonEncore

We may still consider Amazon one of the leading online retailers, but today’s announcement from their Seattle headquarters reinforces the status and development of Amazon as a publisher in their own right. Four novels will be published this spring by Amazon’s own imprint, AmazonEncore, and all of them were entries in the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough


Amazon Agree Settlement in Antitrust Lawsuit

Amazon has agreed a settlement in the lawsuit filed against them by in 2008. The lawsuit was taken against Amazon by following the giant e-retailer’s strong-armed attempt to force publishers using POD printers for their book lists to switch to paying Amazon’s own POD printer, Booksurge (now subsumed into Amazon’s CreateSpace). took the lawsuit


2010 May Be The Time For Lulu To Drop The Self From Self-Publishing

Lulu are looking to continue in 2010 where they left off last year with a sustained attempt to address and improve all facets of their website and publishing services, and perhaps gain back some ground they lost to their rival competitor CreateSpace. Though Lulu did strengthen their marketplace in-house and with outside affiliations, as well


2009: The Year That Was (Sept – Dec)

SEPTEMBER Bob Miller, President of HarperStudio, shared some pertinent views in September on the future of publishing with on how he saw the need for the relationship between publisher and author to become more of a partnership of commitment. […]”I believe that publishers and authors should be equal partners, sharing profits fifty-fifty, as we


CreateSpace Launch Full Online Distribution For Pro-Plan

CreateSpace today announced that it is introducing full online distribution to authors who opt for their PRO plan offer. This has been long overdue and brings CreateSpace into line with many other author solutions services. Historically CreateSpace has only offered online distribution through their own ebook store and parent company Amazon. Here is the full


CreateSpace And Booksurge Unite Under One Brand

Self-publishing authors may see CreateSpace and Booksurge as two distinctly different companies, but both brands are run by On-Demand Publishing, who are in turn a subsidiary of Amazon. The announcement of the merging of CreateSpace and Booksurge comes as no great surprise, and if anything, should have happened more than a year ago considering CreateSpace has become the


CreateSpace Launch Self-Publishing Packages

It seems CreateSpace have decided to go down the same avenue of marketing their services as Lulu. Although CreateSpace offered many individual services to authors – their focus has shifted to the familiar self-publisher packages. While CreateSpace say the packages offer significant savings to authors when compared to their individual prices for each service –


Booksurge US – (see CreateSpace)

UPDATE NOVEMBER, 2009. Booksurge has now merged under the CreateSpace brand.Announcement news. Related articles Amazon Japan Launches Print-On-Demand Program for Publishers ( to self-publish or not self-publish ( Create Space Helps First Time Authors Like Taren Wilson The Writer of Novel,The Life Of Mouse. – ( Amazon Announce Breakthrough Novel Award Finalists ( Abbott Press


Bill Warrington Wins Amazon Breakthrough Novel 2009

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award has been won by Bill Warrington for his novel, Last Chance. “Long estranged from his children and now faced with Alzheimer’s, Bill Warrington decides that kidnapping April—his belligerent and beguiling 15-year-old granddaughter—is the only way to mend his family (if not his mind). So begins the journey of, James King’s