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Bowker Releases Preliminary 2010 Annual Books in Production Report (PDF link included)

Bowker Releases Preliminary 2010 Annual Books in Production Report (PDF link included)

R. R. Bowker today released preliminary figures for book production during 2010 based on their Books in Print database. Traditionally produced books rose by 5% while non-traditionally produced books rose by an astonishing 169%. Be aware that the non-traditional sector is made up by a vast majority of print on demand publishers issuing public domain titles. This


Bowker Launch Curious Manuscript Submission Service for Trade and Self-Publishers (Updated)

On a day that was certainly significant, and just when I was about to pull the shutters down, Christy Pinheiro over on Publishing Maven explained and blogged on a curious email she received from RR Bowker about their new program for publishers. It is called Bowker Manuscript Submission. Why Bowker Manuscript Submissions was created?


Outskirts Press Become ISBN Agent For Bowker

US author solutions service, Outskirts Press (OUT 208.18), based in Denver, Colorado, has announced that it has become an authorised agent of R. R. Bowker, the US ISBN Agency. The agreement will allow Outskirts Press to apply and assign a single ISBN’s and barcode on behalf of authors using their book publishing and marketing services. Outskirts


Google Editions Get Their ISBN Blocks

This announcement came today on foot of yesterday’s news of Google Editions opening its doors in late June/July this year. The news was a little puzzling – a case of stating the obvious – though it is something publishers out there are still extraordinarily casual about. You must assign a unique ISBN number to a


Bowker Statistics 2009: Non-traditional Means Now The Majority Path For Authors

The latest 2009 statistical report released by R.R. Bowker today is a real eye-opener. The total amount of titles produced last year was 1,052,803, and significantly, 764,448 of that overall figure came from what Bowker describe as non-traditional channels – a mix of micro-publishers, self-publishers and reprints of public domain titles. In simple terms, 2010