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TIPM Best of 2013: How Bowker uses its U.S. ISBN monopoly to rip off new authors

TIPM Best of 2013: How Bowker uses its U.S. ISBN monopoly to rip off new authors

TIPM is currently on a break for the holiday season and this is a repost from our Best of 2013 articles. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers and subscribers for their continued support over the past year. We hope you have a prosperous holiday season and enjoy the time


Self-Publising in the United States 2007-12 | Some Report Analysis

Bowker is the leading provider of bibliographic information and management solutions for the publishing industry. Last month it released a detailed six-page report on self-publishing. Self-Publishing in the United States, 2007-2012 is the result of data gathering and analysis based on ISBN output by service providers and micro-publishers in the USA over a period of


Bowker Finally Names and Launches Self-Publishing Service Portal

Over the past year Bowker has been expanding its array of self-publishing services for authors and yesterday marked its full entry into the self-publishing service provider market with the launch of Bowker is widely known to US-based self-published authors as the place to go to purchase a block of ISBN’s (it is the official ISBN Agency


Bowker Partner With Smith Publicity To Offer Public Relations Service For Authors And Small Presses

Bowker, provider of ISBN’s (via, bibliographic information and research material for publishers continues to expand and establish itself as a service provider. Several weeks ago Bowker launched an ebook conversion service for authors and publishers, and today, announced a partnership with Smith Publicity to provide public relations programs for authors and small presses. The


Guest Post: How Bowker uses its U.S. ISBN monopoly to rip off new authors

An author or publisher who wants to distribute a print edition of a book in the United States will eventually have to get an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) assigned to the title. ISBN records contain author, publisher, size, format, topic-related information, pricing, and other data needed by retailers, libraries, and book distribution systems. Some


Bowker USA Launch e-Book Conversion Service for Self-Publishers

Bowker USA has extended the services on offer at to include e-book conversion for all major e-reader devices (yes, Amazon Kindle, too!). In a press release sent out yesterday, Bowker announced a new partnership with DCL (Data Conversion Library Inc) enabling it to offer an e-book conversion service through as well as ISBN allocation.


Will Gutenberg laugh last? | Rough Type

Have we reached the e-book plateau? “A lot of other data came out during the course of 2012 that also suggests that (a) the growth in e-book sales has slowed substantially and (b) print sales are holding up pretty well. At a conference in March, Bowker released market research showing that, even though just 20


Best of 2012 TIPM: CreateSpace, Smashwords and Author Solutions Dominate Self-Publishing Market | Bowker

Repost 2012 … Bowker Press Release: [Editor’s Note:  Bowker annually release figures and reports like the one referred to in the press release below, however it should be noted that Bowker only rely on titles with an ISBN, and given that Amazon KDP lists over 200k self-published titles and Smashwords lists 60k titles for 2011 (against Bowker’s


Bowker | British Book Buyers Switching To eBooks From Print and Spending Less

From the latest press release from Bowker UK… British Book Buyers are Switching to “e” from Print and Spending Less Bowker plots latest purchasing trends via BML’s Books & Consumers survey London, United Kingdom – February 14, 2012 – E-book sales are rising to offset a decline in physical book purchases, but only in volume. With