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Nielsen Set To Sell Bookseller To its Managing Director

Nielsen Set To Sell Bookseller To its Managing Director

Media research company Nielsen has agreed a deal ‘in principle’ to sell The Bookseller to managing director Nigel Roby. Is is expected the deal may be concluded at the end of this month. Negotiations are expected to conclude at the end of April. All the editorial, sales and marketing and events teams will remain in


First Day of London Book Fair

The London Book Fair opened in earnest today and it was noticeably quieter than it has been for several years. About one out of every five of the eighty events planned across today had to be cancelled due to absent guests unable to reach London due to the weekend’s severe flight restrictions. Ironically, it now


London Book Fair 2010: Monday Schedule Beats The Ash!

The official start to the London Book Fair 2010 today gets under way in the next few hours. With a UK flight ban still in force until 7pm this evening, this is now a case of it is as it is for the Fair’s organizers and this year’s event is going to have a much more national


London Book Fair: Latest on Disruption

Sunday has brought a clearer picture as to how much this year’s London Book Fair will be disrupted by the current flight ban in many parts of England and Western Europe. Many parts of England over the past two days have been bathe in unusually warm sunshine for April and it is this mild weather


London Book Fair 2010: Update Saturday AM

There was mixed news this evening for attendees of next week’s London Book Fair. NATS, The National Air traffic service, which controls British airspace, lifted some restrictions on airspace in Scotland, and that may also extend to northern parts of England tomorrow. Closure of UK airspace has now been extended to 1pm Saturday, but already


Did The Mayans Know About The London Book Fair 2010?

Maybe the Mayans had it right all along. There were a few things you could have thought of to disrupt this year’s London Book Fair. Chief among the possibilities might have been dreadful weather conditions or perhaps wholescale transport strikes in the UK. A massive plume of volcanic ash 10 kilometers up in the sky


Bowker Statistics 2009: Non-traditional Means Now The Majority Path For Authors

The latest 2009 statistical report released by R.R. Bowker today is a real eye-opener. The total amount of titles produced last year was 1,052,803, and significantly, 764,448 of that overall figure came from what Bowker describe as non-traditional channels – a mix of micro-publishers, self-publishers and reprints of public domain titles. In simple terms, 2010


About our eBook Concerns: TeleRead’s Open Letter to Publishers

There is an excellent ‘open letter to the publishing industry’ on standards for ebooks now that the big five publishers have applied the agency model for ebook distribution. “Dear Publishers, Now that you have your ‘agency’ contracts (such as they are) in place and are moving on, in your own heads anyway, to Ebook 2.0, can


International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award Shortlist Announced

The shortlist for the 2010 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award was announced by The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Emer Costello, at The Mansion House, Dublin. There are eight books shortlisted from nominations by public libraries in Ireland, Austria, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Russia, The Netherlands, South Africa, Brazil, the USA and Canada.


Agency Model or Be Damned

I don’t how many times I started this piece today on the arrival of the iPad and the agency model. Frankly, by mid-morning, I gave up. There was just too many deals with Amazon to report by publishers, and too many comments like: ‘Oh, oh, it’s on-it’s off; our Amazon buy buttons are off –