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Pearson is The World’s Largest Publisher

Pearson is The World’s Largest Publisher

Pearson is the world’s largest publisher, according to a ranking list compiled by Ruediger Wischenbart on behalf of French trade magazine Livres Hebdoof. Details of the top ten global publishers were released by The Bookseller this morning, who will release the full ranking list later this week. “Despite the tough economic climate, and the threat


Amazon Ratchet it Up a Level For Distributors

The US publishing industry may have another spat on the horizon to accompany the current dispute between John Wiley and The Authors Guild. Amazon is yet again flexing its muscles, this time in the direction of distributors and their publisher clients. Amazon is introducing a new program called ‘Levels of Service’ (PDFdownload). While there is nothing unusuual about


Texas AG Turns Magnifying Glass on eBook Market

The attorney general for the state of Texas has approached two of the main publishing players who introduced the agency model for e-books and requested undisclosed documentation. At the moment, the Texas attorney general is believed to be making preliminary inquiries about pricing practices operating in the electronic book market and the potential effects for


Global Giants Bring Different Strategies to Publishing World: Book Industry Conference 2010

There is some fascinating analysis by Benedict Evans of media research company Enders Analysis presented at this week’s Booksellers Association Book Industry Conference in London. Essentially, Evans argues global companies like Apple, Google and Amazon are not book publishers and the book industry must understand clearly the approaches and strategies of these companies. Evans describes


Irish Retailers and Publishers Ready for e-Book Challenges

The Irish Independent takes a look at the Irish book retail market and the growth of e-books in their e-Thursday section. Carissa Casey has written the article and she discovers that Irish retailers and publishers are poised to embrace the latest challenging chapter in the story of the publishing industry. “Advances in technology have also brought an entirely new threat to


Nielsen Company Ready To Try A Lulu?

Nielsen’s private equity owners may be considering a move Lulu abandoned last month. Nielsen, the marketing and research company who introduced the Nielsen Bookscan system to monitor book sales are believed to be considering plans for an initial public offering of shares (IPO) according to reports from Reuters. The Financial Times reported yesterday that Nielsen’s private equity


Maverick House Publishers (Overview) & The Province of Irish Publishing

Maverick House Publishers is an independent publisher of non-fiction books founded by Jean Harrington in 2002 with its main headquarters in Dunboyne, Co. Meath, Ireland. Expansion of the company has seen them open a second office in Bangkok, Thailand to augment their sales and distribution representation in the Far East, as well as Australia, New