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iUniverse: Best-Sellers or Bottom-Sellers?

iUniverse: Best-Sellers or Bottom-Sellers?

iUniverse has today revealed its bestsellers for the month of January. Some time ago (2008), we examined book ranking and what kinds of books sold best when published through some of the larger author solutions services. Here is the top ten for iUniverse for January. I have included the current Amazon ranking as of today.


Canada’s Top Indie Retailer Files For Bankruptcy Protection

2009 brought an end to independent book retailer Borders UK and its 45 stores. On the eve of 2010, Canadian independent retailer McNally Robinson has filed for bankruptcy protection in the courts. The family-owned business has run bookstores in Canada since 1969 and they still remain hopeful of being allowed to commence financial restructuring to


The Scores On the Doors Are In For 2009 Book Sales

Nielsen BookScan has correlated their final booksales figures in 2009 (724m units). UK book retailers faired a little better than their US cousins, suffering only a half percent decline, compared to the overall 3% decline. The better than expected figures are strongly attributed to deep discounting from high street retailers like Amazon, Wal-mart and Target


Are Amazon Doing Porkies For Christmas?

As a follow up from our previous news story on Amazon’s reported Kindle sales over physical sales. Mediabistro/galleycat reports some rather raised and questioning eyebrows across the blogosphere this evening. Are Amazon telling porkies, or eschewing the figures over Christmas? The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media