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Lulu UK & USA – Reviewed (Updated 2014)

Lulu UK & USA – Reviewed (Updated 2014)

Lulu UK & USA Lulu is one of the original DIY publishing services formed in 2002 by technology entrepreneur, Bob Young. Lulu publishes over 400,000 titles per year providing online software tools for writers and artists to publish, print and product everything from books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. Lulu are a truly global company with


CreateSpace Launch Self-Publishing Packages

It seems CreateSpace have decided to go down the same avenue of marketing their services as Lulu. Although CreateSpace offered many individual services to authors – their focus has shifted to the familiar self-publisher packages. While CreateSpace say the packages offer significant savings to authors when compared to their individual prices for each service –

POD TV – Program 12: Randy Schmidt – Editor at University of British Colombia

Randy Schmidt, Editor at University of British Colombia addresses graduates about their first approaches to publishers – what to expect and what to look for in a reputable publisher. While Schmidt is specifically speaking about academic submitted manuscripts and thesis – much of his advice holds strong for any author submitting to a publisher. Learn


Apex Publishing UK – Reviewed

Apex Publishing Limited is an independent international book publisher based in the UK. They were first established in 2002 and offer an ‘author subsidy service’ to established and new authors. Their list of published authors very much reflects this, and thought they published a wide variety of books; they have a notable interest and commitment