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Smashwords Announce Barnes & Noble Distribution For Premium Catalog Ebooks

Smashwords have just announced an expansion in their ebook distribution network with online retailer Barnes & Noble. Ebooks included in Smashwords ‘Premium Catalog’ will be made available for listing and sale from the giant online retailer. This will come as a huge bonus to self-published authors who have signed up to Smashwords. authors should be


Barnes & Noble Buys Ebook Seller Fictionwise

In an effort to further expand their digital book business, US Bookchain Barnes & Noble has bought the ebook seller Fictionwise for a reported $15,7 million. Fictionwise will continue to be run by its former owners. Both companies believe the overall catalogue of ebooks available to customers will be greatly increased. Fictionwise will continue to

Perseus Book Group Offers POD Service to Independent Publishers

Small presses and independent publishers are being given a greater opportunity to utilise Print-On-Demand technology by the Perseus Book Group. The Perseus Book Group are one of the largest independent publishers of books, including the imprints Basic Books and Vanguard Press. It provides services such as sales, marketing and distribution to more than 300 independent