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Authorhouse – £310,000 advance!

In light of my next posting about what POD published books sell best, I thought the article which appeared in this morning’s Daily Telegraph very interesting. It would appear that POD publisher Authorhouse has paid out author Lorna Page a substancial advance for her novel ‘A Dangerous Weakness’. A quick check on adds further

Adventures with POD Publishing

As many of you know I’ve spent some time researching POD publishers prior to starting this blogsite. I said all along that I would allow the site to develop on its own merits, effectively letting it ‘have its head’. In tandem, I’ve written articles here about many POD topics, relevant and I hope helpful to

AuthorHouse & IUniverse Jump Ship to Booksurge

There are no details on the deal both AuthorHouse and IUniverse have done with Amazon/Booksurge, but they are the first of the big hitters to jump from the good ship Ingram/Lightning Source. It remains to be seen exactly how these publishers will deal with the issue of Ingrams and distribution. The issue here is that