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Publishing Service Index: December 2017 [with notes]

Publishing Service Index: December 2017 [with notes]

This is the PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for December 2017. Our last index was released in September 2017. The index continues to shrink and the latest index sees the final departure of five companies. Frankly, they were bottom of the pile service providers. So, I shed no tears. Originally I compiled the index, month-to-month, but I found


Publishing Service Index: September 2017 (Notes Included)

This is the PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for September 2017. Our last index was released in May 2017. Originally I compiled the index, month-to-month, but I found the work involved to update almost 90 companies and service providers (now 82) was not being compensated by enough changes on the index over a short period of weeks. Indeed, some months


Publishing Service Index: May 2016

This is the PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for May 2016. IngramSpark holds the number one position at the top of the index, marginally increasing the gap on CreateSpace. Matador moves ahead of Smashwords into fourth place and Lightning Source slips below Silverwood Books to ninth place. Please be aware that service provider Original Writing based in Ireland has gone out


15 Things Traditional Publishers Might Say To Each Other About Self-Publishing Service Providers

1.  “Look, we’ve nothing to worry about. They’re all just glorified printers and author mills. We’re the real cultivators and promoters of literature.”   2.  “I mean, it’s easy to make money if you just sell services to authors and not their books.”   3.  “Martha, it’s like I said about e-books years ago. Those service


Venture Press – Overview

Readers of The Independent Publishing Magazine will be aware that from time to time I carry out short overviews of author solutions services. Usually the overviews feature companies recently launched or those operating with a very low output of published titles. I’ve even featured several independent presses (non-charging), but generally I don’t as a rule


Guest Post | Self-Publishing in the Internet Age – Ella Davidson

In the age of blogs, Facebook profiles and pages, everyone is beginning to develop an opinion to share. The benefit of this technological age is that now all of those wishes, opinions and great ideas found on the Internet can be turned into polished novels. Before the Internet and self-publishing existed, traditionally you had to



The PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for author solutions services is something we have been providing since June 2010. This is the first index for 2012. Please see the separate page link for a list of individual reviews of all service providers.  (Click image to enlarge) (KEY) DIY – Do-it-yourself bespoke sevices ASS – Author Solutions Services