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Authonomy or Be Damned

Authonomy or Be Damned

Publishing is publishing. A book is a book. A good book is a good book. A bad book is a bad book. Let’s stop trying to re-invent the terms publisher and publishing based on practical or moral grounds—it’s the latter which most troubles me. A book is a published book for me if it has


Zondervan and Baker Publishing Group Refer Rejected Authors To Authonomy

Christian book publishers Zondervan and the Baker Publishing Group are now referring all their rejected authors to Authonomy, specifically to, a Christian publishing community both publishers have set up there. They describe Authonomy in the headline of their press release as a ‘Free, Easy Alternative to the Self-Publishing Model’. Now, Authonomy may indeed be a


Time Ladies And Gentlemen To Move On or Be Damned

We really have reached a time to find a way forward in publishing to deal with the existence of self-publishing and paid-publishing services. The debate is quickly becoming entrenched in morals, standpoints, labels and some very foolish rhetoric. “MWA does not object to Harlequin operating a pay-to-publish program or other for-pay services. The problem is


Display Sites – A Means To An End?

This week WEBook announced the launch of AgentInbox. I had planned to cover it as a news item, but felt it was more a news story about writing than a publishing news story. Digress it you will for a few moments and read Victoria Strauss over on WriterBeware and her take on WeBook’s AgentInbox. I

Display Sites – The Future Ahead?

There seems to be a developing hoopla in the past month about what are broadly defined as ‘Display Sites’ for self-published and unpublished authors. There is nothing new about these sites in regards to the basic premise of a specific on line place where writers can load up their work and display it to be


The Publetariat Vault – Launching Summer 2009

From the Publetariat website comes the following; “In an effort to attract publisher attention, you’ve got a fine-looking, well-reviewed, respectably-selling book in print, and you’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into your author platform as well. Unfortunately, publishers haven’t noticed. If there were a service designed to facilitate publisher searches of indie