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UK iBookstore Finally Gets Some Books!

UK iBookstore Finally Gets Some Books!

Books from Penguin, Macmillan, HarperCollins and Hachette UK will appear from today in the UK iBookstore for the international release of the iPad. These publishers agreed eleventh-hour deals with Apple, but as yet, there is no word on an agreement with Simon & Schuster who already have ebooks available in the US iBookstore. Up until


Global Giants Bring Different Strategies to Publishing World: Book Industry Conference 2010

There is some fascinating analysis by Benedict Evans of media research company Enders Analysis presented at this week’s Booksellers Association Book Industry Conference in London. Essentially, Evans argues global companies like Apple, Google and Amazon are not book publishers and the book industry must understand clearly the approaches and strategies of these companies. Evans describes

TOT Test-Drives New iPad For Review

There is a lot going one here apart from the fact that a two-and-a-half year old girl has been viewed nearly 275,000 times on Youtube playing with Dad’s new iPad. I’m not entirely sure why some parents choose to make their very young kids internet celebrities. Watching this little girl made me think of my


Makinson on Penguin’s iBook Future

John Makinson is serving his eight year as CEO of the Penguin Group. He had an early career background as a journalist and the investor relations sector. He has worked for the Financial Times and Reuters. On Tuesday, Makinson gave a presentation to demonstrate the new ibooks Penguin have in development for the Apple iPad