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Forrester’s James McQuivey on Amazon vs Apple | DBW 2012

Forrester’s James McQuivey on Amazon vs Apple | DBW 2012

James McQuivey of Forrester talks during the recent DBW 2012 about Amazon vs Apple. Related articles DBW: publishers ‘should learn from self-publishers on pricing’ ‘Agile’ publishing at Digital Book World Meet the Digital Disruptor iBooks Author Review | TechRadar Apple Poised To Launch Self-Publishing Program This Month The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media


iBooks Author Review | TechRadar

Gary Marshall, over on, has a nuts and bolts review of Apple’s new iBooks Author tool for the creation of textbooks. Now that the dust has settled after yesterday’s announcement, I’m not at all convinced that this new tool for self-publishers is a serious rival to Amazon’s Kindle publishing program. You need to ‘click-off’


Introducing the North American Big Six – The Shatzkin Files

Introducing the North American Big Six – The Shatzkin Files: “But from the perspective of publishers or booksellers outside the United States, there is a new North American Big Six. These are the companies that have direct relationships with publishers — all of them that matter in the US (with one noteworthy exception) and, increasingly,


Connecticut AG Investigates Amazon and Apple

Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, announced an investigation into the contracts Amazon and Apple have with US publishers, citing that both companies may have an unfair advantage in the retail e-book market. On Monday, Blumenthal wrote to Amazon and Apple and requested a meeting with their attorneys to discuss the deals they had struck with five


FT Article and Jamie Byng’s Incredible Shrinking iPad

Yesterday’s edition of the Financial Times ran a piece by Feargus O’Sullivan entitled, ‘Publishing industry holds breath over electronic books’. The thrust of the piece is that the arrival of ebooks and reader devices like the Kindle and iPad are causing the biggest upheavel in the publishing world since the Gutenberg invented the printing press.   The genteel


What Price The iPad Now in China?

One news item carried in much of the mainstream press this week has been the series of suicides committed by workers at Foxconn Technology Group who operate a number of production plants in Asia. For the most part, this week, the publishing world and technology media sites have focused on the launch of the international