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What to expect when you are publishing on Apple iBookstore – AC de Fombelle | Guest Post

What to expect when you are publishing on Apple iBookstore – AC de Fombelle | Guest Post

AC de Fombelle continues her popular series of posts: What to expect when you’re publishing on…  You may have followed them from the beginning but you may also be new to this publication: this is the fourth post of the “What to expect when you are publishing” series intended to give a global light on the different


ALLi Presentation by Smashwords CEO Mark Coker | Video

Photo – Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, presented a two-part live stream presentation yesterday as a guest of the Alliance of Independent Authors. Both presentations are now available to view. The presentations include some fascinating data on price points gathered by Smashwords. Coker also explains how one of the world’s largest e-book distributor was


Apple Guilty of Collusion with Publishers on e-Book Pricing

Judge Denise Cote of the Southern District Court, New York, yesterday ruled in favour of plaintiffs, The United States Department of Justice (DOJ). In her ruling she found defendant Apple Inc. guilty of colluding with publisher defendants to raise, fix and stablize the retail price of new release and bestselling e-books in violation of the Sherman Antitrust


The Meatgrinder and eBook Publishing

Mark Coker, the CEO and founder of Smashwords, calls it The Meatgrinder. So much so, he happily—and rightly—refers to Smashwords’ file-crunching e-book conversion application by the same name. It may be the bane of many self-published authors frustrations and late nights, but Coker never meant the process of loading a book file to an online


Apple Surprise Mini Gathering with iPad 4 Launch

The release of the iPad mini may have captured the attention of many today, but Apple’s real surprise at the press event was the debut of the iPad 4th generation. It’s just six months since the last model hit the streets, and it will have left many pulling their hair out now the latest model


Indie Publishers Back Agency Model, Criticize DoJ Deal | Publishers Weekly

Indie Publishers Back Agency Model, Criticize DoJ Deal: “Nine independent publishers have combined to file joint comments objecting to the pending settlements of the Department of Justice’s lawsuit with Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster related to e-book pricing. The publishers noted that while they continue to sell e-books under the wholesale model, they have


The Future of Publishing 2020: Disruption

I’ve been preparing these articles for a while on The Future of Publishing 2020. One thing I have learned is that predicting the future based on current practices and trends is a precarious business. The publishing industry–as a community and business–is undergoing an utter sea change in methodology and ideology not seen since Gutenberg’s first


Vook Launch eBook Creation Platform

The good news today is that the Vook ebook creation platform came out of beta and went fully live. The cloud-based publishing platform will allow both authors and publishers to distribute ebooks through Vook to Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore and Barnes & Noble. Certainly the strengths of the new Vook platform is the facility to distribute


The Next Self-Publishing Frontier: E-Books In Translation | paidContent

The Next Self-Publishing Frontier: E-Books In Translation | paidContent While ebooks are very much a part of the self-publishing landscape, Simon & Schuster author, Barbara Freethy, has gone one step further than just publishing her out of print books. In a piece on paidContent, she explains how she has moved to the next frontier –