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London Book Fair 2012 | Summary

London Book Fair 2012 | Summary

I’m just back from the London Book Fair this evening. What an extraordinary presence from new digital companies in the Digital Zone. I think the most significant piece of data is still to come over the following weeks when LBF announce who was at the book fair. From my perceptive, this was a ‘trade show’ when many


Guest Post | Amazon vs. Smashwords: Which Is Right for Your Book? | Sarah Rexman

Numerous writers have embraced e-book technology as a way to independently publish their books, reach new markets, and earn greater royalties for their work. Retail giant Amazon has long dominated the market for authors looking to self-publish their e-books, but it has quickly been followed by other e-book publishers, such as Smashwords, Lulu, and BookBaby.


The Next Self-Publishing Frontier: E-Books In Translation | paidContent

The Next Self-Publishing Frontier: E-Books In Translation | paidContent While ebooks are very much a part of the self-publishing landscape, Simon & Schuster author, Barbara Freethy, has gone one step further than just publishing her out of print books. In a piece on paidContent, she explains how she has moved to the next frontier –


Forrester’s James McQuivey on Amazon vs Apple | DBW 2012

James McQuivey of Forrester talks during the recent DBW 2012 about Amazon vs Apple. Related articles DBW: publishers ‘should learn from self-publishers on pricing’ ‘Agile’ publishing at Digital Book World Meet the Digital Disruptor iBooks Author Review | TechRadar Apple Poised To Launch Self-Publishing Program This Month The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media


iBooks Author Review | TechRadar

Gary Marshall, over on, has a nuts and bolts review of Apple’s new iBooks Author tool for the creation of textbooks. Now that the dust has settled after yesterday’s announcement, I’m not at all convinced that this new tool for self-publishers is a serious rival to Amazon’s Kindle publishing program. You need to ‘click-off’


Pen Press Publishing (Indepenpress) – Reviewed (Updated – August 2012)

Pen Press is a self-publishing service operated by Indepenpress Publishing Ltd, based in Brighton in the UK. They are a publishing solutions service who offer tailor-made options across a wide range of budgets to authors from a ‘5 Book Deal’ to a ‘Full Partnership service’. What strikes you immediately about Pen Press when you browse


Amazon Takes “Self” Out Of Self Publishing | Self Publishing 2.0

Amazon Takes “Self” Out Of Self Publishing | Self Publishing 2.0: This is pretty much one of those seminal articles that comes along occasionally that should be read by all authors (and all writers for that matter – published or unpublished). It’s not just for those considering self-publishing. It’s written by someone I have a