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Amazon Acquires Lexcycle for Mobile Download Future

Amazon Acquires Lexcycle for Mobile Download Future

We have talked much in the past few months about ebooks and ereaders, but not touched upon the potential dowload of electronic product to iphones and mobile touchpads. It seems Amazon has kept its eye focused on this area with the aquisition of Lexcycle, producers of the ebook application, Stanza. The Stanza application gives iPhone


Amazon Statement on Kindle 2’s Speech Feature

Amazon has released the following statement regarding the recently released Kindle 2 and its speech feature. Issues had been raised about whether the ‘voice read-back’ feature on the device infringed on publisher’s copyrights. Amazon in their statement maintain that they do not believe there is any issue of illegality, but are nevertheless going to allow


Kindle 2 Launched By Amazon – The way forward for the e-reader? (Updated)

It seems the gathered publishing fraternity who turned up at the unveiling of Amazon’s new Kindle (Version 2) in the Morgan Library and Museum in New York city on Monday were more intrigued and quizzical, than necessarily bowled over by the new electronic edition to the Amazon family. Even host, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, and


Comments on Self Publishing Article – New York Times

“The point may soon come when there are more people who want to write books than there are people who want to read them.” New York Times, January 27th, 2009. This is an opening quote from an article about self publishing in the New York Times this week by Motoko Rich about the rise in

The Curious Tale of the Explosive Lulu Books

You may not know the author Jared Ledgard but it would appear his self published books have been attracting some attention over the past year in newspapers here in Ireland and the UK. Here is a link to a news item in The People UK newspaper from January, 2008, by journalist, Daniel Jones. Oddly,

Borders; To Buy or Not to Buy

I’ve been talking in a number of articles recently about the downturn in publishing, and it seems not a day goes by that we don’t hear about another major publisher making cutbacks and laying off staff. Here are the latest publishing news layoffs as reported by Earlier this week, Morris Rosenthal on his

US National Book Network to Offer New Digital POD Publishing Service

The National Book Network will be expanding its client publishing services to include digital short run and print-on-demand facilities. NBN already supplies independent services like sales, marketing, distribution, order fulfillment, credit and collections services to publishers of non-fiction, fiction, and children’s titles. NBN has contacted its clients and informed them of the new services and