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Guest Post: Why I Am Moving to Kindle Land | Melissa Miller

Guest Post: Why I Am Moving to Kindle Land | Melissa Miller

Cover via Amazon If you would have asked me a year ago whether or not I would consider purchasing an e-reader, I would have looked you in the eye with offense and answered you with a simple, “no.” A lot has changed, though, in the past few months that have made me rethink my opinion


Booktango Increase Royalty Program For New and Existing Authors

Author Solutions today announced an extended royalty offer for existing and new authors to its DIY e-book publishing platform, Booktango. The offer will continue for new authors signing up with Booktango until July 4th. From the press release: Authors Earn Maximum E-Book Royalties With Booktango Authors Who Publish by July 4, 2012 Using Booktango’s DIY


Guest Post | Amazon vs. Smashwords: Which Is Right for Your Book? | Sarah Rexman

Numerous writers have embraced e-book technology as a way to independently publish their books, reach new markets, and earn greater royalties for their work. Retail giant Amazon has long dominated the market for authors looking to self-publish their e-books, but it has quickly been followed by other e-book publishers, such as Smashwords, Lulu, and BookBaby.


Publishing Service Index – April 2012 (WTF!! – Are We Witnessing The Mass Migration To Digital Self-Publishing?)

Well, I won’t pretend this month’s index pretty much blew me away. In the three years The Independent Publishing Magazine has been providing this index, I’ve never experienced such a collective downturn by so many self-publishing services at once. I had to run the statistics a number of times over the past few hours to make sure