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Self-Publishing Report: The Taleist Survey – Not a Gold Rush

Self-Publishing Report: The Taleist Survey – Not a Gold Rush

Self-Publishing Report: The Taleist Survey – Not a Gold Rush: The Self-Publishing survey conducted by Taleist is now complete and available, though I won’t pretend I’m not a little disappointed Taleist has chosen to release the details of the survey in a closed/purchase option via an ebook on Amazon. I appreciate the work Steven Lewis


Booktango Increase Royalty Program For New and Existing Authors

Author Solutions today announced an extended royalty offer for existing and new authors to its DIY e-book publishing platform, Booktango. The offer will continue for new authors signing up with Booktango until July 4th. From the press release: Authors Earn Maximum E-Book Royalties With Booktango Authors Who Publish by July 4, 2012 Using Booktango’s DIY


Guest Post | Amazon vs. Smashwords: Which Is Right for Your Book? | Sarah Rexman

Numerous writers have embraced e-book technology as a way to independently publish their books, reach new markets, and earn greater royalties for their work. Retail giant Amazon has long dominated the market for authors looking to self-publish their e-books, but it has quickly been followed by other e-book publishers, such as Smashwords, Lulu, and BookBaby.


Publishing Service Index – April 2012 (WTF!! – Are We Witnessing The Mass Migration To Digital Self-Publishing?)

Well, I won’t pretend this month’s index pretty much blew me away. In the three years The Independent Publishing Magazine has been providing this index, I’ve never experienced such a collective downturn by so many self-publishing services at once. I had to run the statistics a number of times over the past few hours to make sure