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Macmillan Agrees Multiyear Deal with Amazon and the Introduction of Subscription Services

Macmillan Agrees Multiyear Deal with Amazon and the Introduction of Subscription Services

Macmillan is now the third of the big five publishers to agree a multiyear deal with online retail giant Amazon. Macmillan CEO John Sargent revealed the news in a letter sent today to authors, agents and illustrators. The deal will cover the sales of both print and e-books and will commence from the first week of January 2015.


American Booksellers Association Support Random House Agency Move

This has been late breaking news and just come in the past couple of hours. Below is the response from the American Booksellers Association to Random House‘s move to finally adopt the Agency agreement on the sale of e-books to retailers.  Image via Wikipedia From the ABA’s website: “On Monday, February 28, the American Booksellers Association indicated its strong


Authorlink Chief Editor Hits Out at Agency Model

Doris Booth, Editor-in-Chief of Authorlink, an award-winning online news, information, and marketing service for editors, agents, producers, writers, and readers, has hit out at the Agency Model introduced by publishers this year in an opinion article entitled, ‘Publishers’ Agency Model Punishes Mid-List Authors’. In the strongly worded article, which appeared yesterday, Booth says the Agency Model ‘was


Hachette UK to set e-book prices from Monday |

Hachette UK to set e-book prices from Monday | “Hachette UK will begin setting e-book prices on retailers’ websites from Monday after indicating this week that it will move to agency terms with every “reseller, including Amazon and Apple” from 20th September.” Related articles by Zemanta Connecticut AG probes Apple, Amazon over e-books (


Connecticut AG Investigates Amazon and Apple

Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, announced an investigation into the contracts Amazon and Apple have with US publishers, citing that both companies may have an unfair advantage in the retail e-book market. On Monday, Blumenthal wrote to Amazon and Apple and requested a meeting with their attorneys to discuss the deals they had struck with five


Texas AG Turns Magnifying Glass on eBook Market

The attorney general for the state of Texas has approached two of the main publishing players who introduced the agency model for e-books and requested undisclosed documentation. At the moment, the Texas attorney general is believed to be making preliminary inquiries about pricing practices operating in the electronic book market and the potential effects for