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The Independent Publishing Magazine – The IT Toolbox

The Independent Publishing Magazine – The IT Toolbox

Bear with us this weekend. The IT guys have arrived. The toolboxes are open, and already they are in deep discussion about a tea break, and how best they might implement the tea break. This could be a long one! We are carrying out maintenance and implementing some navigational improvements to the online magazine. Things may pop


The Independent Publishing Magazine | The King is Dead – Long Live The King

POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing is dead. Long live The Independent Publishing Magazine! Regular visitors this evening will have noticed some subtle changes to the layout of the site. Over the past three and a half years I have introduced changes to the site, ranging from new design layouts to help filter out a sense


Happy Christmas to all

Our journey this year takes us to Christmas Eve, a time for cheer, joy and happiness, as well as reflection on those who left this world. May you all have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones, family and friends. Thank you for your visits, your support, your comments, your friendship and inspiration. Merry Christmas


New Publishing Express – RIP

After almost six months of trialling New Publishing Express, our dedicated news site, we decided to take it out back and put a bullet in its head. It went quietly and without much protest with few turning up for its solemn passing. Will I miss it? No. It was like working late on a Friday night when