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TIPM Admin | Maintenance and Redesign

TIPM Admin | Maintenance and Redesign

Over the coming 24 hours TIPM will be carrying out some redesign work on the magazine website and some features, pages and links may be unavailable for a period of time. Things will get messy but we will keep the reconstruction noise level down! The magazine will remain live during this time and we hope


TIPM: Moving House To WWW

As from today The Independent Publishing Magazine has its own domain address, as distinct from the old blogspot one. The old address should redirect to the new site but I would suggest you update your bookmarks and any links you have kindly provided to the magazine. TIPM Admin.  Related articles Good Housekeeping: TIPM and TIPM


Good Housekeeping: TIPM and TIPM Media

I’m not a great lover of writing rants or berating readers and correspondents of The Independent Publishing Magazine. However, the time has come to tighten up on some guidelines on submissions to the magazine and the work I do at TIPM Media. Firstly, The Independent Publishing Magazine is open to people who would like to


Facebook Changes For TIPM

Over the next week or two, The Independent Publishing Magazine’s Facebook page will be retired and deleted. In truth, the vast majority of readers of the magazine have been incredibly supportive and engaged in a great deal of comment and debate on all the news, issues and reviews brought to you. But you have all stuck steadfast