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Academy by Mick Rooney – June 2008

I began writing Academy around 1992, at a time when we had witnessed the collapse of the Berlin wall, and the map of Europe was steadily changing. New political tyrants and despots emerged in the final decade of the twentieth century who very quickly reminded of us of previous troubled scars. My intention was never

Booklocker Moves on

The stakes in the current Amazon/Booksurge and POD Publisher situation appear to have taken a further development on Tuesday on this week. As you will be aware Amazon announced last month that it was requiring POD Publishers to use its own in-company POD printer Booksurge, or face losing the ‘first party’ Amazon ‘buy buttons’ on

Amazon/Booksurge – Washington State Attorney General-Update

As a follow up to the previous post on the initial statement issued by Washington Attorney General’s office, it would seem some conclusions have been reached. Here is the link to the original posting from last week. The Attorney General say they have looked at the current circumstances surrounding Amazon’s moves to make POD

Adventures with Lulu

In my previous article posting below, I discussed the reasons why I chose Lulu to publish my book, Academy. In this article, I would like to discuss and record what I discovered at Lulu. initially, Lulu’s homepage, with its bright orange graphics, strikes the visitor as casual and unassuming. ‘Publish’, ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ banners

HMS PODdy Mouth Sinks at Sea!

So the shutters seem to be finally pulled down for good on Blogger PODdy Mouth. The POD bloggers ‘Sex in the City’ blogspot was deleted by the author following yesterdays posting by Angela Hoy in WritersWeekly. It seems Angela feels she has been blacklisted by PODdy and her comment replies to blog articles have

Poll Now Open

Forget Obama and Clinton, the POD publisher’s poll is open for votes. You may select just one, but yes, if you feel there is someone who should be on it, reply with comment, stating why, and it will be logged and counted as a vote. Remember, it’s your own positive experience. Poll closes in June.