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We have grown used to POD Subsidy and POD self-publishing over the past 15 years. Well, now a company called MagCloud are offering a print-on-demand service at no set-up charge. Purchase costs on each magazine are set at 20 US cent per page for submitted PDF files. This is the first time I have come

Filigree & Shadow – Out Soon

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that the past month or so I have not been posting as often. I have been proofing and preparing the final files for my next book, ‘Filigree & Shadow’. Some two or three months ago I wrote some articles on POD publishers and tried to give an

Big Guys n Poor Guys in Publishing

I posted this evening on Absolutewrite, a forum I regularly post on, regarding Lynn Osterkamp’s article on the media and publishing. Here is the link to that posting. The following is the posting I made. Having read Lynn’s posting and her blogsite for the past year, I’m not sure she is actually arguing the

Diggory Press Case Update – Saturday 13th September, 2008

I came across a short piece published in The Guardian newspaper this saturday by consumer rights reporter Tony Levene. It will be of interest to those who have being following the Diggory Press case. You can find the published piece by following the enclosed web address. The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media

Perseus Book Group Offers POD Service to Independent Publishers

Small presses and independent publishers are being given a greater opportunity to utilise Print-On-Demand technology by the Perseus Book Group. The Perseus Book Group are one of the largest independent publishers of books, including the imprints Basic Books and Vanguard Press. It provides services such as sales, marketing and distribution to more than 300 independent

Ebook Readers Reach Out to the School Classroom

There has been much talk in the publishing world about the evolution of electronic book readers and what impact they will ultimately have on the print media in general. It remains to be seen if these Ebook readers will do for print media, book publishers and online retailers, what the Ipod has done for the

Amazon Buys Shelfari

It has been announced that Amazon has bought Shelfari, a bookworm social networking site. At Selfari, both authors and avid readers alike can list their own, or other books they have read/written on their ‘virtual bookshelf’. The site is heavily discussion and review driven and much of what I have seen there is already available

The Advance that Never Was

Cate, daughter-in-law of 93 year old author, Lorna Page, yesterday clarified the story which has been filling the media over the past few days. Cate’s original press release is available from the BBC site and clearly shows that no advance was ever claimed to have been paid to Ms Page for her book in her