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Review of 2008 POD Publishing Articles

I thought I’d take the opportunity on the final day of 2008 to look back on some of the articles and subjects we have touched on during the year. Overall, the Irish book retail sector has recorded stronger sales than for 2007, a surprise to me in light of the economic downturn and the continued

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all those who have followed the site over the past year. It’s been a turbulent and changing year in publishing with plenty to report on. Even in the past few weeks news surfaces on a day to day basis and the signs are that the current trend will continue. Whatever choices you


HarperStudio & Borders Go Non-returnable on Books

We have previously reported on the current struggles of Borders bookstore chain and read with interest a business snippet in this week’s Wall street Journal. It seems HarperStudio titles will now be stocked by Borders on a ‘non-returnable’ basis. as with everything in business – this can be construed in two different ways. HarperStudio would


Aquarius Communications Publishing Launched

For followers of this site, some of you may remember me referring to my own publishing imprint which I used to publish my first five books, Arcadia, The Eternal, Hybrid, Thais and Oceanic. The imprint is something I’m very passionate about and over the past few months I have been planning a number of projects

Borders; To Buy or Not to Buy

I’ve been talking in a number of articles recently about the downturn in publishing, and it seems not a day goes by that we don’t hear about another major publisher making cutbacks and laying off staff. Here are the latest publishing news layoffs as reported by Earlier this week, Morris Rosenthal on his

US National Book Network to Offer New Digital POD Publishing Service

The National Book Network will be expanding its client publishing services to include digital short run and print-on-demand facilities. NBN already supplies independent services like sales, marketing, distribution, order fulfillment, credit and collections services to publishers of non-fiction, fiction, and children’s titles. NBN has contacted its clients and informed them of the new services and

Bertrams Book Wholesaler Steadies Its Feet

With the administration of Woolworth’s high street stores and entertainment product supplier EUK this week, uk book wholesaler Bertrams insist that their financial stability remains wholly separate and business will continue. While this may be the case, and it remains to be seen what will happen the Woolworth retail high street outlets and entertainment supplier

Filigree & Shadow – Now Available – November 2008

Filigree & Shadow is now published and available for purchase in hardback, paperback and download from at my storefront. The link is to the right of this article. It should start appearing across all channels over the next few weeks in time for the Christmas market. Things have really been tight and busy over

Borders – Continued Downturn – (Inc. Fri 14.11.08 update)

I have continued to read media reports about Borders downturn and came across this article in the Bookseller today. It seems to simply reflect what all companies want internationally when recession bites. A reduced catalogue to conserve primary shelf space and longer terms of invoice payment. We must remember that there is nothing that