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Espresso Book Machine Arrives in UK Bookstores

Some of you may remember reading on this site almost a year ago about the Espresso Book Machine (EBM). The machine is a printing press that will produce physical books in-store by means of print-on-demand technology. In effect, it is an on-demand book machine linked to an electronic database of published books. Here is the

The Curious Tale of the Explosive Lulu Books

You may not know the author Jared Ledgard but it would appear his self published books have been attracting some attention over the past year in newspapers here in Ireland and the UK. Here is a link to a news item in The People UK newspaper from January, 2008, by journalist, Daniel Jones. Oddly,

Diggory Dog-gone or The Second Coming

The Diggory Press website has been down since Christmas and it appears all direct ‘Diggory’ listings have been removed from Google’s search engine. It’s unclear at this stage if Diggory Press itself has ceased trading as a publisher or whether it is simply the early signs of a ‘Second Coming’. Over the past year, the


Author Solutions Purchases POD Publisher Xlibris

Author Solutions, owned by equity investors Bertram Capital, has continued its strategy of development and expansion in the digital print-on-demand publishing world by purchasing Xlibris, a leading publisher in self-publishing services to authors. The purchase was announced yesterday, Thursday, January 8th, by Author Solutions CEO, Kevin Weiss. The purchase figure was not disclosed. “ASI is

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all those who have followed the site over the past year. It’s been a turbulent and changing year in publishing with plenty to report on. Even in the past few weeks news surfaces on a day to day basis and the signs are that the current trend will continue. Whatever choices you


HarperStudio & Borders Go Non-returnable on Books

We have previously reported on the current struggles of Borders bookstore chain and read with interest a business snippet in this week’s Wall street Journal. It seems HarperStudio titles will now be stocked by Borders on a ‘non-returnable’ basis. as with everything in business – this can be construed in two different ways. HarperStudio would