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Dan Poynter Interviewed by Smashwords

Smashworlds, an on line ebook seller has just done an interview with self publishing guru, Dan Poynter. He has just published his acclaimed “Self-Publishing Manual – Volume 2”. In the interview, he discusses the future of publishing and how self published authors may have the upper hand on the traditional publishing world through their active

Mick Rooney – Author Page

I have just set up my author page at the following link. I am still developing it, and over the coming days I will add in the appropriate links and finalise the layout. The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media


Publishing World: On The Money

“The once genteel world of publishing is going through a huge transformation with constant advances in technology and an increasingly competitive market.” “More than 200 million books were sold in the UK in 2008, but both the types of books sold and the way people buy them are changing.” By Sarah Murch, BBC Money Programme.

AuthorHouse Courts The Establishment With Referral Program

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that AuthorHouse has been making a particularly worrying use of their Referral Program. This type of program is used by a number of large self-publishing service providers using digital POD (print on demand) to authors. Here is AuthorHouse’s own description of the Referral Program. The following links are from


Kindle 2 Launched By Amazon – The way forward for the e-reader? (Updated)

It seems the gathered publishing fraternity who turned up at the unveiling of Amazon’s new Kindle (Version 2) in the Morgan Library and Museum in New York city on Monday were more intrigued and quizzical, than necessarily bowled over by the new electronic edition to the Amazon family. Even host, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, and


Original Writing – Interview with Garrett Bonner

When I started out two to three years ago researching the area of self publishing, it didn’t take me too long to discover a vast amount of companies in the USA and England—from the business powerhouses of iUniverse, Lulu, Xlibris, Authorhouse, Createspace, Infinity and Wordclay—right down to the great many small micropresses offering self publishing

Self Publishing Review

There is an excellent site on the web called Self Publishing Review. It offers numerous articles, features, daily news stories, author and publisher interviews, a discussion forum, as well as a wealth of helpful resources for writers. The site’s editor, Henry Baum, recently asked me to become a contributor. I gladly accepted and you can

Hughes & Hughes End T5 Airport Bookstore – (Updated on Feb 10th 2009)

Irish retail booksellers, Hughes & Hughes is closing their outlet at Heathrow’s T5 terminal next month. It is believed that BAA, who run Heathrow and Gatwick airports maybe considering moving these book concession outlets to WH Smiths. While many airport terminal bookstore space is quiet limited, Hughes & Hughes was considered to be a more


Comments on Self Publishing Article – New York Times

“The point may soon come when there are more people who want to write books than there are people who want to read them.” New York Times, January 27th, 2009. This is an opening quote from an article about self publishing in the New York Times this week by Motoko Rich about the rise in