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Bertrams Book Wholesaler Steadies Its Feet

With the administration of Woolworth’s high street stores and entertainment product supplier EUK this week, uk book wholesaler Bertrams insist that their financial stability remains wholly separate and business will continue. While this may be the case, and it remains to be seen what will happen the Woolworth retail high street outlets and entertainment supplier

Filigree & Shadow – Now Available – November 2008

Filigree & Shadow is now published and available for purchase in hardback, paperback and download from at my storefront. The link is to the right of this article. It should start appearing across all channels over the next few weeks in time for the Christmas market. Things have really been tight and busy over

Borders – Continued Downturn – (Inc. Fri 14.11.08 update)

I have continued to read media reports about Borders downturn and came across this article in the Bookseller today. It seems to simply reflect what all companies want internationally when recession bites. A reduced catalogue to conserve primary shelf space and longer terms of invoice payment. We must remember that there is nothing that

Doubleday Sheds 10% of Staff

Recently on this site I have been reporting on the general downturn the global economy is having on the publishing world. Just a couple of weeks ago I reported on job losses at and unfortunately those losses continue as reported in the New York Times and many other news organisations. The NYT story is

Google Book Search Settlement Agreement

Google have finally settled their lawsuit with a group of authors and publishers. Below is the full statement released. Today, Google and the group of authors and publishers who were plaintiffs in the US Google Book Search lawsuits announced a groundbreaking settlement agreement. This settlement, on behalf of a broad class of copyright holders, opens

Lulu UK Sheds 24 Jobs

The credit crunch continues to bite deeper with news from New Media Age that Lulu are to make 24 workers redundant from their uk offices. That represents a 25% reduction in staff, including Cristel Lee Leed, European Vice President, and six other senior employees. You can read the full New Media Age article at the