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Spire Publishing – Reviewed

Spire Publishing – Reviewed

Spire Publishing first began life as UK based PABD (Publish And Be Damned). It was renamed Spire in late 2006 and although a Canadian company, it has still retained a significant presence in the UK. “Welcome to Spire Publishing where self publishing a book is simple and affordable. Your book is published with the


AuthorHouse UK – Reviewed (Updated, March, 2010) Titles – 50,000 Titles – 44,100 AuthorHouse are one of the largest flagship author solution services with 50,000 plus titles available on Amazon UK. AuthorHouse was founded in 1997 and is owned by Author Solutions US who also own iUniverse and Wordclay. Further expansion in 2009 for Author Solutions has led to


Janus Publishing – Reviewed

Janus Publishing, based in London, England, describe their company as a co-partnership publishing house. “After more than forty years in the publishing trade, our founder established Janus Publishing Company in 1991. We currently publish more than forty titles a year, many by previously unpublished authors.” “Our Approach At Janus, we look to nurture new


Barnes & Noble Buys Ebook Seller Fictionwise

In an effort to further expand their digital book business, US Bookchain Barnes & Noble has bought the ebook seller Fictionwise for a reported $15,7 million. Fictionwise will continue to be run by its former owners. Both companies believe the overall catalogue of ebooks available to customers will be greatly increased. Fictionwise will continue to

Faber Liberates The ebook

Independent book publisher Faber is one of one of those to watch for new trends and different approaches to publishing. On April 27th, they will release the ebook, ‘What Price Liberty?’ by Ben Wilson, inviting buyers to pay what they deem appropriate, even if that means the download is for free. The book itself deals


Amazon Statement on Kindle 2’s Speech Feature

Amazon has released the following statement regarding the recently released Kindle 2 and its speech feature. Issues had been raised about whether the ‘voice read-back’ feature on the device infringed on publisher’s copyrights. Amazon in their statement maintain that they do not believe there is any issue of illegality, but are nevertheless going to allow


Wil Wheaton’s Interview with

There is an interesting interview with author, actor, social commentator and BBC correspondent, Wil Wheaton about his new book ‘Sunken Treasure’ on’s blogspot. Wil Wheaton is an author who was previously published by a tradional press but choose the avenue of self publishing with Lulu. You can catch Nick Popio’s interview with Wil Wheaton