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Value of UK Publishers’ Sales 2008 Down Just 0.2%

Sales for UK publishers were down just 0.2% for 2008. This is in spite of the current economic downturn in retail sales towards the end of last year. In total, UK publishers sold an estimated 855m books, with an invoice value of £2990m. The Publishers Association, who is preparing the forthcoming Statistical Yearbook 2008, compiled


Trafford Publishing – Reviewed

“Success in PublishingA dream of publishing a book as you envision it can never become a reality unless you find a company that believes in making dreams come true.” Trafford Publishing is one of the largest author solution service companies in the world using print-on-demand digital print technology. They are a Canadian company but


Man Booker International Prize 2009 – Final 14 Authors

The final 14 authors for the Man Booker International Prize have just been announced. Unlike the English award, the International prize is awarded every two years and celebrates an international author’s contribution to fiction over their entire career, rather than just a single book. The award was previously won by Ismail Kadaré and Chinua Achebe.


Better Book Company – Reviewed

Amazon Titles – N/A The Better Book Company is located in Chichester, West Sussex, UK. They were founded in 1999 with the specific intention of assisting authors who wish to self publish their own work. “The Better Book self publishing Company is committed to a policy that offers a straightforward and open working relationship.