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People often envy writers because of how much freedom they seem to have, especially regarding where they live. For instance, they’re obsessed with the vision of a writer sipping a cup of coffee on the beach while finishing their next novel. Or the writer who travels the world indefinitely, living from place to place.

If you’re a writer, though, where you choose to live should be less a flex on the public and more a strategic decision that considers when and how you do your best writing and what will help you as a human being.

A writer’s location and environment can affect their writing, but how deep does the rabbit hole go? Let’s explore how where you live can affect your writing.


Inspire Creativity

Where a writer resides can influence their writing because it can spark their creativity or contribute to their writer’s block. To put it another way, your location can help boost the quality and direction of your writing or inhibit you from writing at all.

Where you choose to live should feed your imagination and support your unique creative and writing processes. For instance, you’ll find inspiration in the beautiful views and landscapes only found in a small city if the outdoors spark your creativity and best writing. But if your creative juices easily flow when you’re immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city nightlife, a small city probably won’t be a suitable environment to settle down in.

Where you live can also improve your productivity.


Improve Productivity

This one seems pretty obvious but is worth a mention. Of course, simply tidying up your writing space can improve your productivity as a writer. At the same time, your living arrangements could mean even more for your productivity.

Our location matters to most of us mainly because it has so much to do with whether or not where we’re writing makes us feel optimistic and comfortable. But, on the other hand, when we aren’t happy and satisfied with where we live, our productivity suffers, and so does our writing. So, carefully consider where you live for the sake of your production.

In addition, your productivity can increase even more when you have the opportunity to explore tech tools that enable good writing.


Explore Tech Tools That Enable Good Writing Anywhere

Although many writers still rely mainly on a pen and paper to write, just as many enjoy technological tools that enable them to write engaging stories and other types of content consistently and efficiently. Also, tech tools make it so where you live doesn’t matter as much as it used to to the success of your writing.

Today, technology makes it easy for writers to live just about anywhere, whether they want to live in a big city, in a different country, even at sea.

For example, online brainstorming tools make collaborating with other writers and bringing story ideas to life seamless. In addition, cloud computing makes various services valuable to writers available over the internet, like data storage and servers. Finally, don’t forget the many choices you have for laptops, tablets, and desktop computers.

Where you live can also help you make a healthy work-life balance a priority.


Prioritize a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Writers tend to be loners. Many of us do our best work locked up in our writing rooms, alone, just ourselves and our imaginations. Yet, isolation can be lonely, overwhelming, and depressing at the same time. These negative feelings can not only influence your writing, but they can also impact the rest of your life.

Every writer must spend as much time getting out into the world as they do getting lost in their work. Where you live can help you prioritize a healthy work-life balance. Ensure where you reside is genuinely interesting to you and provides you with opportunities to pursue your other passions.

Lastly, where you live can incite a deep appreciation for experiences that, in turn, inspire your best writing.


Grow an Appreciation for Experiences

Although there are writing experts out there that say we shouldn’t get too close to our writing, who we are, what we’ve been through, and where we’re going usually find ways into what we write. Your experiences are great to refer to when you need inspiration for a story or a topic for an article.

Where you live can ignite many of your experiences in life. As you immerse yourself in them, you’ll grow a deep appreciation for how your experiences shape your writing, lifestyle, and inner being.



Where you live can affect your writing in various ways. It can inspire creativity and improve productivity.

It can afford you the opportunity to explore tech tools that enable good writing anywhere. Where you live can also help you prioritize a healthy-work life balance and create a support system that stays with you throughout your writing journey.

Finally, where you live can help you grow a serious appreciation for experiences, so much so that they inspire what you write about. So, pay special attention to where you live so you and your writing can flourish.



Beau Peters is professional with a lifetime of experience in service and care. As a manager, he has learned a slew of tricks in the business world and enjoys sharing them with others who carry the same passion and dedication that he brings to his work.


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