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When was the last time you’ve attended a book festival? Was it many months ago? Or was it a year ago? There is no question that 2020 played a huge role to why you haven’t attended a book fair. Last year was unprecedented and the outlook for 2021 also remains uncertain. Millions of plans and even entire lives was altered because of the global pandemic. The uncertainty brought about by this has driven a lot of fairs to cancel, discontinued, or have contingency plans just to get the showing going. Some of our beloved book festivals even have to postpone their events for the safety of everyone involved.

The coronavirus pandemic has left the world in a state of anxiety; however, we are slowly adjusting to the new normal. You may not see it, but many are getting the show on the road to finally bring back the things we used to enjoy. Things such as attending book festivals from all around the world. Due to the newly implemented rules and limited attendances, many book fairs are being hosted online. These book fairs are going virtual to reach anyone from anywhere, even in their humble abodes. A bunch of major book fairs is back, and brand new literary events are coming your way, in particular The Festival of Storytellers scheduled from April 23rd to April 25th and April 30th to May 2nd 2021.

The Festival of Storytellers is the first-ever online book festival hosted by self-publishing company, ReadersMagnet, to celebrate the many storytellers who never ceased to stop writing in a time of anxiousness and confusion. These authors and books have become a safety net for many book lovers out there. This six-day event is a good thing for both bibliophiles and authors as somehow this is still a way for them to enjoy the year. However, you might be wondering why you must attend this festival when there are other major literary events forthcoming. Here’s a couple of reasons that will convince you to attend this important milestone:


Paving the Way to Authordom

For new authors in the industry, attending a book fair is good for your reputation and book promotions. It’s not a lie that the literary industry is a competitive market, and it can be hard to stand out when there are a plethora of authors coming out with new books with great stories. A debut author has its own sets of high points and challenges, including cementing your author reputation. Book fairs are a worthy investment for self-published authors to give your title exposure at a reasonable cost.

The Festival of Storytellers is the perfect platform for equal opportunity to promote your books. Joining is a fantastic way to put your work in front of thousands of people who matter. Bear in mind that book festivals are attended by the “who’s who,” such as marketers and book lovers. Through TFOS 2021, you can build a solid fan base and readership. This is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the industry and build credibility in this competitive industry.


Boundless Learning Opportunity 

Whether you are a bibliophile, published author, or an aspiring author, this literary event is good for you as this will make you wise and enrich your mind. TFOS 2021 is not only great for book promotion. This also provides excellent opportunities to learn more from the workshops, talks, panel discussions, and other features. The Festival of Storytellers is a great place to share ideas, gather intelligence, and explore key resources that will help you succeed as a self-published author in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Building a writing career does not stop at writing and editing. It involves more than just mastering the skills needed to get your work out in the market. Learning never stops. This book festival provides you knowledge of the business side of things that will help you succeed in the industry. TFOS made sure to invite keynote speakers like Saundra Dalton-Smith M.D., Krista Neher, and Kate Delaney to teach you a lot about how to market, build your brand, lead magnets, and attracting readership.


Discover Amazing Books from Diverse Genre

Nearly every part of the world has hosted a book fair. Each book fair boasts unique benefits, including gathering thousands of books. Book events are a happy place where authors and book lovers come together to celebrate the written word. The Festival of Storytellers not only offers a wonderful opportunity to discover new writers but also reconnect with the classics and find new books to add to your shelf. TFOS 2021 is about giving life to the many amazing books from diverse genres. At the heart of this virtual event is an energetic love of sharing books. You’ll be surrounded by books despite it being a virtual event. You can check a book from the myriad of titles from different genres. There are just so many books waiting for you to discover. You have the option to shop and purchase as well and still get the full book fair experience.


Fuel Passion for Literature

The past year has left everyone passionless and lackluster. And book festivals seem to be the source of joy to many book lovers across the globe. Just like how books bring boundless magic, infinite possibility, and endless excitement, TFOS 2021 will bring back passion to your bones and invigorate your life with literature. For bibliophiles and aspiring authors, The Festival of Storytellers will fuel passion, invoke wonder, stimulate discovery, and nurture creativity. This great event focuses on passion as intense passion can elevate the soul to create amazing things.

Storytelling is an ancient art that has evolved over time, from campfires to bedtime. Literature encompasses all unsaid and ethereal things— even all states of sensation of pain, love, joy, curiosity, suffering, and pride. However, only a few understood the importance of literacy, but this is something you should give up. A few trips to the library and participation in The Festival of Storytellers will truly give you direction and definition in life. This event will prove that literature itself will teach you so much about life.

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Jennifer Jacksons is a professional writer and amateur photographer. She writes for the ReadersMagnet during the day and goes on photo walks at night. She is a travel enthusiast who loves to take photographs of people and write stories about cultures. Aside from writing and photography, her other interests include painting and cooking.


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