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The current pandemic has affected just about everyone. Authors are experiencing a difficult plight as people are too distracted and as events get canceled. In addition to this, many bookstores are not even allowing browsing, while Amazon has de-prioritized many books.

The fact is that the world of publishing moves very fast. If authors do not seize the moment their books come out, they miss out on a narrow window of opportunity. There is a lot that we can do as a society to help local authors survive this pandemic.

The following tips will enable you to support authors during social isolation.


1. Listen to Their Podcasts

Many authors have been trying to make the most of their free time. Some of them have even launched their podcasts. You can listen to the story behind their books on their podcasts and subscribe to premium features to show your support.

From Spotify to Pocket Casts, there are plenty of podcast apps that you can download to start following your favorite authors. If you do not know which authors have a podcast channel, you can look up podcasts dedicated to books. These podcast channels regularly feature authors.

Book lovers can browse the top podcast channels to brush up their knowledge on the latest releases and co-host reviews. It can be extremely fun to tune in to a variety of podcasts and learn more about the authors.


2. Subscribe To Become a Book Riot Insider

Show some love for your authors by subscribing to become a Book Riot Insider. You will not regret it. Once you become an insider, you will gain access to their New Releases Index, which is curated just for the user. It does not get better than this.

If you check the Epic and Novel Levels, a weekly newsletter would also be sent your way. It would list the newest releases so that you can get the latest books that authors might be struggling to get across. In times like these, we must support authors to get through it.


3. Read Publishers Weekly

Another great way to support authors with books is by reading Publishers Weekly. The site features a calendar that mentions the publication dates of various authors. You can take advantage of this calendar to always stay in the know.

It is an amazing platform that shares all the information related to authors and releases. You can learn more about the writer on Publishers Weekly. The site is easy to use, and it simplifies everything for you so that you can quickly determine what is going on.


4. Pre-Order Books

An amazing way to support authors who are expected to launch a book is by pre-ordering their books. This is especially true if the books are to be sold at independent bookstores.

Pre-ordering allows you to support authors early on so that they do not feel frustrated with their situation and continue to write masterpieces. When you pre-order books, it signals to the bookstore that the book has an audience.

Moreover, pre-ordering also helps create buzz, and booksellers start to pay more attention to books that are being pre-ordered. Since independent bookstores offer freedom, it makes a huge difference when you order books before they even reach the shelves.


5. Share on Social Media

Social media is an awesome platform. You can help spread the word or leave a review on your social media profiles such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok to support authors.

With social media, you can discuss the latest releases on your profile and let your followers know to purchase the book. If you are truly blown away by the book and want the writer to keep producing such works, you can convince your friends to give it a read and spread the word further.

In addition to sharing posts about the author on your social media accounts, you should also interact with the author and leave a review to show them that you care about their work. Even a bit of effort goes a long way. Hence, there is no reason for you to sit around and do nothing.


6. Follow Authors on Social Media

Continuing from the above tip, you should also consider giving the authors a follow. The more people that follow them, the more influence they will have and the easier it would be for them to overcome current adversity. Most authors already have a social media profile.

All you have to do is search their account and give them a follow. It will mean a lot to them. Since social media has taken over the world, there is no better way to show your support than by following all your favorite authors on social media.


7. Sign Up for Author Mailing Lists

To keep in touch with authors, you need to sign up for their mailing lists. This way, whenever there is an event, you will be the first person to know. With most authors regularly hosting virtual events, it makes sense to join the author mailing lists.

These events are very fun to be a part of. Sometimes, the author might require you to pay a small contribution to tune in. However, as the amount would be negligible, you should always sign up and show some love.


8. Invite Authors to Your Virtual Book Club

Virtual book clubs have become all the rage today. Being physically isolated does not mean that people cannot get together virtually. This is why virtual book clubs are so popular. If you have a virtual book club, you should consider inviting authors to expand their reach.


Support Authors with Books during Social Isolation

Since authors put in a lot of effort to write a book on a wide range of topics, including Carpet Cleaning, we must show support for authors with books during social isolation. Many authors have had their special moment taken away from them.

Only the best tips have been shared to help you show some love for writers. Each tip will enable you to play your part. The last thing we want as a society is to give up on authors. If you are a true bibliophile, you have to support authors. Let us know which new book releases you loved.


Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for London Carpet Cleaning.


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