Oklahoma Attorney General Ends Tate Publishing Empire with Arrests and Charges


ArrestState authorities on Thursday derailed Tate Publishing and Enterprises’ plan to resume operating their author services company.

Richard Tate, the firm’s founder, and his son Ryan Tate, its CEO, were arrested Thursday morning and held on eight felony charges and one misdemeanor charge filed by Oklahoma’s attorney general, Mike Hunter’s office, that accuses them of embezzlement, extortion and racketeering.

It is a welcome but sad end to a publishing services enterprise that has for many years preyed upon the gullibility of new and existing authors.

Mike Hunter press conference.


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One Comment;

  1. Amanda said:

    My teenager published with Tate Publishing. She never received any royalties. There are used and gently used books of hers for sale on Amazon and Ebay. Also, Amazon still has new books for sale. I feel like everyone but my daughter is profiting from her book. This is very sad.