Peters Fraser & Dunlop Launches Agent-Assisted Publishing Imprint


IPSO BOOKSLondon-based literary agency Peters Fraser & Dunlop (PFD) has recently launched its own agent-assisted digital publishing imprint, IPSO Books. COO of PFD Robert Caskie joined Reedsy founder Ricardo Fayet for an interview to discuss the new venture and Reedsy’s involvement in the project. You can watch the video interview below or read the full transcript available on the Reedsy blog.

IPSO Books will offer a 50/50% split on royalties for its authors and pay for editing and design. The author helps with the marketing.

Yes, so we’re looking for front-list authors now, genre-specific at the moment but we want to branch out to do a series of non-fiction titles. We want to really experiment with form and length, so we want to do some short book series in non-fiction, with journalists or young historians for example.

We give a 50-50 split on our contract. I think, again, that we’re quite lucky to be in a position where we’re backed by the agency, so we can provide a social media consultant who offers her services for free. We build websites for people, we teach them about social media: how to built a Facebook page, how to tweet, all those things. She will do a “master class” in the beginning and then monitor that.


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  1. David frederick Jackson said:

    Dear Peters Fraser & Dunlop. My non-fiction book, ‘The Meaning and Purpose of Our Lives’ is ready for publication. It is unique and groundbreaking and it answers all of the big questions including human consciousness and what God is likely to be. My experience on the LinkedIn website has shown me that there is no limit to the number of people who will want to read this book for I am receiving requests from every corner of the world. Kind regards, David F Jackson.