US Law Firm Investigates Author Solutions For Class Action Suit | UPDATED

The office of US attorneys, Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart LLP, have been carrying out an investigation into practices of the publishing industry’s largest self-publishing service, Author Solutions Inc. based in Bloomington, Indiana. Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart LLP represent employees in employment and civil rights matters, consumers and small businesses in class actions, individuals and small businesses in commercial litigation, and individuals in white collar criminal defence matters.


While TIPM, as of today, is not aware of any class action lawsuit filed in the US courts by Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart LLP on behalf of any of their clients, all the indications are that the firm intend pursuing a class action lawsuit against Author Solutions. In the past few days the office of the law firm has been requesting interested parties to contact them with details of any grievances against the self-publishing service provider or any of its many brands and imprints. In a communication on the website of Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart LLP, the company states the following:


“Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart LLP is currently investigating the practices of Author Solutions and all of its brands (AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Trafford, Xlibris, Inkubook, and Wordclay). Authors using Author Solutions have complained of deceptive practices, including enticing authors to purchase promotional services that are not provided or are worthless, failing to pay royalties, and spamming authors and publishing blogs/sites with promotional material.


“If you have self-published with Author Solutions or any of its brands and have been the victim of deceptive practices, please fill out the form below.”


Significantly, Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart LLP operate many client cases taken on a contingency fee basis where the law permits. Many authors who experience disputes with self-publishing providers avoid pursuing a legal route due to the large fees charged up front by law firms. It is possible Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart LLP contingency fee arrangement might entice more aggrieved authors to contact the firm. The firm discusses contingency fees on their website:


“We don’t want to make money from our clients. We want to make money for our clients. For that reason, whenever possible, we enter into contingency fee arrangements. A contingency fee agreement, where our fee is based on how much we obtain for our client, reduces the downside for our clients and places a premium on achieving an optimal result quickly and efficiently. We will not accept a case unless we believe in it and believe that we can obtain a result that is worthwhile for both our clients and our firm.”




A Google of complaints on Author Solutions Inc. and many of its self-publishing brands will quickly reveal an extensive disenchantment with the company’s aggressive and misleading marketing and overpriced author services. TIPM regularly field negative comments and complaints about Author Solutions’ brands every week and Pearson’s purchase of the company last summer has not resulted in a let-up in those complaints.


Author Solutions recently entered into a partnership to run a self-publishing imprint for Simon & Schuster. The company already run similar imprints for Thomas Nelson, Harlequin, Hay House and Writers Digest. I suggested recently that Author Solutions also played a significant backend role in the redesign and restructuring of Penguin’s own self-publishing imprint, Book Country, and Penguin India’s launch of Partridge Publishing. Author Solutions own and run quite a number of their own self-publishing imprints, including AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Booktango (an e-publishing only platform), Xlibris and Trafford, as well as a host of e-book and print self-publishing brands for large and medium-sized traditional publishers.


Just last month, David Gaughran, an independent author and blogger who follows the developments in the publishing industry chronicled the deceptive self-publishing behemoth that is Author Solutions:


“The deceit starts with the web of brands they’ve established. With so many imprints, Author Solutions has tricked authors into thinking they have dozens of choices. In reality, however, the parent company is just slapping up half a dozen different logos, renaming packages, and selling the same grossly overpriced services to all of their customers no matter which brand ends up on the cover.


“On top of that, AS has been accused of launching supposedly unbiased, purely informational comparison websites to help customers pick the self-publishing company that’s right for them, except all clicks lead back to Author Solutions brands.


“With AS overbearing sales reps are the norms. They’ve talked writers into purchasing publishing packages over the phone without so much as a written explanation of charges, let alone a formal publishing contract. And they’re all too eager to offer instalment payments and accept credit card information over the phone.


They’ve pulled the ol’ price switcheroo on writers too. Jean Rikhoff, published Earth, Air, Fire and Water with iUniverse and was told by a sales rep that copyediting charges for her manuscript would run around $400. When she received her credit card bill, however, her charges totalled nearly $4,000.


Once you’ve signed on with one of their brands, it’s time for the upselling. They’ll sell review services marked up by nearly 160%, worthless book-to-screen marketing packages that cost over $15,000, and shoddy editing services that create more errors than they correct. They’ll even let customers buy their own recognition awards like Editor’s Choice (but they’ll tell them the money is to pay for the company’s superior editors to evaluate the work and ensure its worthy).”


Publishing industry watchdog and author, Victoria Strauss, has also followed the expanding story of Author Solutions and the experiences of authors using their services. She posed some questions when Pearson bought Author Solutions last year for $116 million like:


Will ASI manage to improve its customer service?



Will the payment glitches that currently seem to be plaguing the ASI “brands” be addressed?


Will ASI begin to advertise itself more transparently?


Will ASI continue to offer–and to aggressively promote–all those overpriced, dubiously useful marketing services and incentives?


Is this really a good investment for Pearson?


In short, like Victoria Strauss, after the Pearson acquisition, I also hoped things might improve with the Author Solutions’ brands, but, ultimately, Pearson didn’t buy ASI to clean up their practices or improve the image of self-publishing, and that’s where I believe so many people expressing a wish or an opinion are missing the point. Here is what I said about the Pearson acquisition last July:


“Wherever you personally place ASI and their stable of self-publishing imprints like iUniverse, AuthorHouse and Xlibris in the scheme of publishing – be it as vanity house in disguise or a slick corporate marketer with promises of self-publishing dreams made true – ASI has developed an engine room efficient and quick to turn manuscripts into print and ebook products for authors, whatever arguments you make about the literary quality of many of the books published. I’ve heard far too many within and outside of the industry take an easy swipe at ASI over the years – just as so many are quick to take easy pot-shots at Amazon – but both companies got where they are by seizing opportunity, providing services to customers willing to part with cash, and, crucially, had the resources to develop and deliver their services to a global market. In today’s world – salesmen aren’t paid to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They are paid to sell services and products. The buyer often says yay or nay dependent on how informed he or she is about what is needed. Both companies have also developed their fair share of innovative tools and services – Amazon with it’s most recent move to deliver some products on the same day of ordering, and ASI has turned a lot of heads with it’s ebook platform, Booktango, and even more recently, with BookStub, a loyalty card complete with a QR code for gifting books. But the real jewel in the crown for Penguin today is immediate access to the ASI production engine.


“Everyone directly connect with this decision will be happy. Bertram Capital has shifted a marque they needed to and trousered $116 million, ASI CEO, Kevin Weiss, makes the board of Penguin Group, and Penguin gets the keys to the ASI engine room and the resource of 1600 employees. That will help nicely with digitizing a lot more of the Penguin back catalogue, provide a further financial revenue stream, and who knows, maybe provide a very few new authors to the mothership which hitherto went under the radar of Penguin. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that self-publishing is enjoying something of a vogue status however many stuffies we still hear throwing their toys out of the established publishing cot over the perceived watering down of traditional publishing brands. If anything, this purchase by Pearson is proof that even Penguin is not the brand it once represented and the average book buyer won’t give an iota about this deal and future implications for the industry – that’s if most will even be aware of it.”


The Pearson acquisition is and has always been about gaining access to that powerful resource called The ASI Engine Room. It is not about new publishing world reformation and the adoption and integration of the worst of self-publishing, but, rather, about harnessing a publishing system of the future built on content services and business to business partnerships. Monetising the slush pile is just one of the adopted and added perks of the game plan.


Though we have had a significant shift to DIY publishing and the rise of services and platforms like Amazon KDP, CreateSpace, Smashwords, Blurb and the like, thousands of authors are still attracted to Author Solutions’ brands with its ‘self-publishing is indie and easy’ and slick marketing. The rise of the e-book might soon challenge ASI’s print-centric approach, but the launch of Booktango already suggests this self-publishing behemoth might be preparing for the transition to e–centric publishing. Many of the core questions asked by Victoria Strauss remain unanswered and maybe even unaddressed by ASI, and even in light of any potential class action lawsuit taken by Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart LLP on behalf of its clients, I suspect Pearson won’t be losing any more sleep than ASI over the coming months.


UPDATED 5th MARCH 2013… and it seems The Bookseller has arrived late to the party. In something of a non-story to try and create an updated story, The Bookseller reports that ASI has stated to them that there is ‘no legal action’ against the company at the moment. Eh, hasn’t every previous report on this story over the past few days, here, on Writer Beware and Shelf Awareness stated exactly that? The Bookseller also inaccurately states that ‘Lawyers Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart LLP posted a message on its website yesterday (5th March).’ Maybe that’s when The Bookseller’s staff noticed it or heard about it, but the notice has been there several days! And what part of the word ‘investigates’ doesn’t The Bookseller get even when it is stated by a law firm?


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  1. Michelle M. said:

    How can I become part of this? my 21 year old daughter wrote and illustrated a children’s book. she used to Trafford publishing and we have sold a lot of books through our own efforts in marketing. Trafford is telling her that there has been no books sold when we know that there has been books sold. What can we do what do I need to do how can I be a part of this lawsuit it’s just not fair. she has another book shes done and is scared to get it published. Please contact me if you can help.

    • Anonymous said:

      Hello Michelle
      I’m from a-town Pa . and I publish a book with xlibiris on 2012, $20.000.00 later to find out all this allegations about this people, some call them; mail box business because is one small building with like 10 others publishers in it.TRAFFORD, XLIBIRIS, AUTHOR SOLUTIONS,AUTHOR HIVE,WORDCLAY,FIRST BOOK,BALBOA PRESS,UNIVERSE INC, ect……. I got just one question for you. Do you know if any of the authors out there trying to get together to have a lawsuit against this clown? if you have any ideas pls let me know or send me email at nrboricua68@yahoo.comI would appreciate your answer or any other ideas

    • miki draca said:

      I want to sue them too. They have access to my email since I provided them with my password. Please send me a message if you still want to take legal action on You can try my email I have changed the password however I would prefer it on my blog. My email is


    • john Repp said:

      I empathize with everyone on here.
      I was SCAMMED big time by this company!!
      Another person and I are currently working on a Class Action. Date June 20, 2018
      Get back: John

      • john Repp said:

        We need as many authors as possible to come forward.

        This company is just going to continue ripping off the public and making millions off their creations!!!

        Bury them now.

        Come FORWARD

  2. Anonymous said:

    Hello; Rooney
    I’m from a-town Pa . and I publish a book with xlibiris on 2012, $20.000.00 later to find out all this allegations about this people, some call them; mail box business because is one small building with like 10 others publishers in it.TRAFFORD, XLIBIRIS, AUTHOR SOLUTIONS,AUTHOR HIVE,WORDCLAY,FIRST BOOK,BALBOA PRESS,UNIVERSE INC, ect…….
    I got just one question for you. Do you know if any of the authors out there trying to get together to have a lawsuit against this clown?
    if you have any ideas pls let me know or send me email at
    I would appreciate your answer or any other ideas

  3. Anonymous said:

    I was contacted by Authorhouse (one of my friends thought my book would be so great), I told the people at Authorhouse from day one that it was my life story…so they knew up front that it was a true story. I bought the “Legacy” package, which included a copyright. I was told I could pick out my front cover…and that a pic of myself would be on the back cover of my book. I was also told that I would get ten free pics to put in my book and anything over 10 pics would cost $5.00 each. after they had suckered about $1,300.00 out of me, I was informed that absolutely no pics could be put in my book (because it was a true story). I was not allowed to use a pic of what I wanted on the front cover because they do business with another rip off company that charges a nice price for a pic to use as my front cover. On the back cover is a few words about me.

    Authorhouse employees start right off the bat telling you that your book could be made into a movie someday. They also tell you about famous authors like Stephen King and the author of “Harriett Potter” and how she lived in her car for years with her small child until she became famous. I was so confused at all the changes they were making and the things I had been told that wasn’t thinking straight. If a woman actually lived in her car for years with a small child, wouldn’t DEFACS step in? They give you tons of false hope, even though I kept telling them that I didn’t want to be rich or famous…just wanted my book published in hopes of it helping someone else. I was told that I would need a special website for my book at the small price of $1,800.00. I kept telling those people that I had had horrible cancer 3 years earlier and couldn’t spend every cent I had. I also reminded them that I am NOT Stephen King and that my book was not good enough to make a movie from it.
    By November 2013 the holidays were here, I was cooking, etc. I told them I had tons of things to do and needed to wait till after Christmas to finish what needed to be done before it was published. I am on Chemo, they stressed me out so bad sending me my manuscript back and forth to correct any mistakes in it. My friend helped me correct mistakes. The more mistakes I corrected and paid for, the more I found…and the more I found, the more money they got. Finally I got so stressed that I didn’t care if the book was published or not. I got on the internet and found out that I was not the only one paying for mistakes I had already paid for. The book was published in November 2013, and it does have errors and mistakes in it…that I KNOW I had corrected time after time.The last stunt they pulled on me was telling me that I needed to buy 100 books, which I did.
    A few days ago I went into Barnes and Noble to see if my book was there. It was not there, not one single copy. I asked the clerk about it, and she looked on the computer and said she could order it for me if I paid for it in advance. I then called Authorhouse because I was confused. If the website I paid $1,800.00 could not be found, and the book that was published could not be found…how is anyone ever going to find out about it? Of course they figured out a way to explain everything to me. I now have around $5,000.00 invested. I would have been happy to just break even. These people at Authorhouse are very smart when it comes to suckering you in. I had never had a book published so I didn’t know what to look for.

    • Anonymous said:

      anonymous, I had a very similar experience to yours. I’ve had two books published with Trafford and people tell me they’ve bought them but I get no royalties. Like you, I’ve had health issues and the people are deaf to that and so aggressive! Got my eyes opened when they told me I have to change my pen name! No way! I’m done with them and looking into legal action.

    • Mick Rooney said:

      Hang in there, as you can see you are not the only one engaging in legal action or considering it.

      It will be interesting to see how this case against ASI/Penguin pans out for these three authors this year.

    • Tillie Hogans said:

      My name is Tillie Hogans I have five books published with Authothouse thinking I will successfully. I wrote about my life due to all I have went through stricken with polio at the age of two, staying in the hospital over three years not able to used any limb etc. its like my dreams were crushed but I trust God no matter what He has my life . Failing to pay royalties also hit me up on the Hollywood coverage having me thinks my books will turn in to s movies. I have all the evidences in my files, the money I paid, whatever you need I want to suit them

  4. miki draca said:

    I got ripped off for $8000 for two books so far just to receive the call last night to give them another $8000 for marketing. Earned no royalties by the way but they want to sell my books to the ‘greatest resellers in the world’???!!

  5. Yvonne Rousseau said:

    This is so sad. The publisher I went through, it took me a bit to recognize the smoke and mirrors, but I have fired her/her company. I started my own professional publishing company for all these reasons. There is just no way it should cost this kind of money to get a quality book printed. My first client’s book is at the printer right now, and her website is up and running. No one can guarantee big sales, but it sure shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to get a good book.

    • Ed Willard said:

      Hello Yvonne,
      I’m intrigued by what you have to say about starting your own publishing company. I’ve thought of this as well, though if I could find someone like yourself who already has success doing it, I could see using your services. I have published through Xlibris and been just as ripped off as all these other folks complaining here, (RIGHTLY OF COURSE!). Anyway, I have EXACT FIGURES on my novel, “The End of the World”, (NOT science fiction), and that is that it’s sold way in excess of 11,000 copies to date. Of course, my difficulty is a financial one due to the duplicity of Xlibris/Author House, et al….but fortunately for me, my contract with them is non-inclusive, meaning I can use any publisher I want, and sell independently of them, like on a website, linked to Amazon, etc.
      Additionally I have four other novels, all of which could be ready for publication within 6 to 9 months.
      When you get the chance, I’d very much appreciate your thoughts on this.
      Ed Willard

  6. Linda Bryant Richardson said:

    I believed xlibris publishing and haven’t seen any results from anything they promised. The only sales they made were from people I directed to their website. My son bought the first copy of my book from Barnes & Noble and I haven’t seen it on my royalty page yet. That was in Oct. 2013. One sale showed up from Barnes & Noble, but it wasn’t the hard cover my son bought. It is June 2014 and they still haven’t composed the royalty reports for Jan, Feb, and March. The marketing package we bought said they would send out 200,000 marketing emails. So far, only about 200 have been sent. They claim none were opened. The agent said a certain percent usually sold from these emails. I requested a copy of the actual email the was supposed to have went out and only received a sample copy. I tried again and requested a copy of the actual emails that went out and just didn’t get a response that time. I am so let down by xlibris.

    • Kathleen Brokaw said:

      I’ve also experienced very little royalties from Xlibris Publishing. When they produced my children’s book and sent me a hard copy paperback the first halk of the book the text and picturesmatched, but the second half of the book the pictures and the text did not match. I published my book in 2013 and had two five star ratings for my book, one from Barnes and Noble and a five star rating from a customer who bought my book on Amazon. I would like to take legal action against Xlibris, but I am low income. I know my book sold more copies than four world-wide, but according to them that’s how many was sold. In two years I only recieved $19.90 in royalties. I hope someone catches the illegal practices of these businesses and puts them out of business, but first ordering them to pay the authors they wrong a substantial compensation, or restitution.

  7. Ian Mackenzie said:

    Author House, Xibris, I.Universe and Partridge are all part of the Author Solutions stable and as a victim of their extortionist tactics and unethical business practices, I reserve the right to share my experience with authors on a global scale..
    I was assisted in publishing my first book by Author House. I was mega impressed by the speed and efficiency with which the whole process came together. I had paid them a fee, which I considered fair and believed that I had received value.
    It took some time for the dawn of reality to emerge and by then I had been suckered in like sheep to the slaughter. Reality being that a produced book is their access to your wallet.
    Firstly, the ink was barely dry and I got a call from the “marketing” department telling me what a wonderful book I had written and that it was destined for best seller status, but like any new product. it needed promoting. I was given a glowing resume’ of how they had helped obscure authors out of obscurity and into the spotlight of publishing fame. Skeptical I was, but when presented with what they had in mind, I had to admit that it sounded pretty damn good. I invested $ 5,000.00 in the package they offered me and received in return about $ 200.00 in value. What they delivered was vastly different from the package I had paid for…. What surprised me was the speed with which they offered me a 50% refund when I finally got one of their directors on the phone. They still made a packet out of me without delivering anything that remotely resembled a marketing package. I guess the rapid refund was a gesture designed to shut me up.
    Before the dawning of reality, their “sales” department was onto me..”This book is best seller material” they said. “You just have to have it printed for distribution in the States. It will fly off the shelves and we will actively promote it”… Yeah right!!…. I paid $ 9,500.00 to have 3,000 books printed and immediately the money left my account they went into silent mode. It took me 3 months to get answers as to the status of the books and discovered that they were in a warehouse in Ohio awaiting orders from online booksellers .. No active promotion, no flying off shelves, no enthusiasm to honour their undertaking.
    ROYATY TIME!!.. I received my first royalty statement a month later than it was due, which understated sales that I was aware of by 52 books. When I queried that, I was told to provide evidence of the sales that I was claiming. But the account with online booksellers was in the name of Author House and I could not gain access to the records without the authority of the account holder… Author House. Would Author House provide me with the required access?. No chance!
    And the check for the royalties due against the understated sales?… “Oh thats in the post… We posted it on 30th May”… Well August is nearly over and I still don’t have the check. The books that have been gathering dust in Ohio are now supposed to be shipped to me in South Africa, but they cannot find a carrier to handle the shipment. (30 boxes of books??,. C’mon!) only a half wit would believe that. I don’t even know if the books were ever printed and I suspect not. After having demanded that they send them to me so that I could take control, one delay has followed another and after two months of wrangling I’m told they’re on the way, but guess what?.. They can’t find a copy of the waybill or any reference to the consignment. . They also keep ducking my request to provide evidence of their print run.. I wonder why?

    Oh YES!!!… I’m angry. I reserve the right to be. I can categorically state without fear of reprisal that the Author Solutions group are publishing predators. They prey on the vulnerability and inexperience of first time authors who are duped into believing their falsehoods.
    I would strongly recommend that anyone thinking about publishing their work, steer very clear of these institutions.
    I wish I had.

    • par said:

      Contrary to IUniverse’s promise for publishing a book in just a couple of month, it took more than two years for IUniverse to publish my book in two languages – even though I had handed in everything ready, from cover design to interior design and all the related material and all that, not to mention they still charged me for designing all that for I had bought a publishing package. And that was because of the enormous number of mistakes they were all making at every step of the way – and sometimes taking a very long time to get back to me.
      First they’d printed my book in reverse order and because of that when they had posted 300 pages of my 320 pages books online for readers’ assessment, that was the last 300 pages of the book. I lost lots of sale because the book was practically posted on line for free. Then it took over 4 month to correct that mistake.
      Some of their employees especially those at the front services– to convince you to sign up with them, they lie and give lots of false promises; like one said the royalty will be 50% for print and digital books; so I signed up with them and paid in full in advance as it was required. Then when it came to document all that, they did not honor it. The employee did not take responsibility for her promises – and they reduced the royalty to 20; and that was if the reader bought it from IUniverse website – from elsewhere the royalty would be 10%. And later on she was no longer with the company. I can bring you lots of examples …
      I used IUniverse editing services. After over $4000 paid for that service, it was done so poorly with lots of mistakes left behind that I had to hire another editor to reedit my book. It was like whoever had edited my book at IUniverse English was not his/her first language or did not bother to read her/his own writing again to see if it flows properly.
      On top of all that, they were calling me almost every half an hour for at least two weeks to enforce me to place an ad in a magazine they were suggesting for $2300 for one week only. Even though I had told them in an email and on the phone that I do not want that ad, I was still receiving frequent calls for weeks.
      If I want to continue writing more about my experience with IUniverse, which has made me lose many sales especially at my book lunch, and causing me embarrassment for printing the books in wrong order or not delivering it in time, I should write a book about them.
      Now, just by fluke, I came to know there is a law suit against them and that make me quite nervous because after all that ordeal and nightmares I went through to get my books published and distributed on line properly, they may even go out of business and all that expenses and frustration and embarrassments I went through would be for nothing.

      • Monique Robert said:

        Yes Par, I just saw that the whole first chapter of my book is online through google books – with the permission of Authorhouse – despite the fact that I left Authorhouse 3 YEARS ago! I just contacted them today to ask wtf, and they *said* they were going to take it down today. Yes, I took numerous screen shots of the online pages, and am totally into a class action suit or something of that nature. They screwed me around with royalties and so many aspects of my publishing, it’s just too deep to get into.

  8. Noelia Hickman said:

    I have 12 books.. I have gone to Bloomington, IN.. not once once have they delivered what they promised. Each time you speak with a Rep. you get a different one. I have notes on all discussions via e-mail, telephone and in person…. I want to be included in this lawsuit.
    I have a long list…

  9. LINDA CANNON said:

    I want to talk to someone also, because of how author house has done me. I have not received any royalties since i been with them that has added up to $10.00. Even if they are getting money from e-book it still seem like i should get more than a .37. check. I know for a fact that many people have read my book. This company has taking so much from me. i cannot believe how deceptive they are. I want to be in the lawsuit. I talked with them through email and phone ans some of the things we discussed they did not follow through with. This company is so screwed up until they sent me someone else manuscript- i wonder if the other person got mine.

  10. Yuliya Bond said:

    … my name is Yuliya, I self-published with iUniverse in 2012 and regret it very much, All the complaints/observations of other authors who have commented on this blog were my unfortunate experience (unpaid royalties, forcing me into the services they never deliver), they have also sold me my own books for over 2000$ and disappeared owing my 600$ worth of books. I don’t know what to do.. they are not answering emails and calling is just useless …. they pretend they want to help and promise to call back in 10 minutes and never do … If you have experience solving these types of issues or if you know someone who have succeed – please contact me, I would appreciate very much your advice..

    Thanks in advance !!
    Yuliya Bond

  11. Joe Massa said:

    I published two books with Authorhouse…..I purchased 100 books and ordered 250 book marks…..I sell my books at the local flea market and for those who read Ebooks I give a book mark out……I’ve had seveal that ordered Ebooks over the past 6 months but my royalities show zero…..nadda…..Nothing

  12. LINDA CANNON said:

    I have written one book with Authouhouse and have only received 20.00 if that much. I know that my book sold more than a few copies. The thing that I am pissed about is that not only have they stole my money they have messed up my book. I know for a fact that this company are getting paid off of my book. It is only suppose to be one book out there, they have the book that I paid them to revise, cover and all. TheyI are selling a book with errors that i paid them to revise. so they have two book one with and one without errors. I paid these people to to revise,to change the cover and everything and correct errors. They lied to me.

  13. truityone said:

    One and a half years ago, I published with Xlibris. It was the worst experience of my life, I ended up with a poor quality book and paid them nearly ten thousand for the privilege. I fought with xlibris, the whole way, they would send me one piece of paper after the next wanting me to virtually do their job. The editing was shocking, with over 4thousand grammar and punctuation errors when they were finished with it. I have never received one cent royalty, and their pushy requests for more money more money and more, ended up in me almost having a breakdown. I was told my book was a best seller, phone calls one after the other pestering me telling me Xlibris were investing 15K of their own money to promote my book, and could I do more by purchasing another marketing package. Lies and more lies, I have a file of emails inches thick of my complaints against them, I never have had to deal with any company that shoddy. Outright lies, telling me and insisting they were not a Pilipino based company. Only to finally be told by one of the employees a year later that all they are is a fulfilment company who are based in the Philippines. The blatant lies were shocking, and yes they do have an office in USA but that is all, they do not have an Australian ABN or an office, just a mailing address and a phone which directs to god knows where. They are not even legally entitled to operate in Australia let alone make the claims they make. I would love to be involved in a legal action against this company. I wasted almost Ten Thousand Dollars…….. trusting them with my work.

  14. Sandy Dinan said:

    I self published with Xlibris/Author Center. I too have many of the complaints listed above. Please give my name and phone number to attorneys (573-239-1124) I self published the book My Heart Belongs to Mom by Echata. I was working full time and wanted to keep my identity secret. Echata is my Cherokee name. I retired in 2012. My son died in Dec. of 2009 after serving in the Army until he was injured and honorably discharged. I did not get to see my son after he joined the Army. The book was my tribute to him and other mothers who had lost their sons or daughters. Because of my grief I was not aware of other people experiencing the same problems as I had with Xlibris. Thank you for helping authors who have been cheated by Xlibris. Sandy

  15. christopher keith jenkins said:

    ive had numerous occasions im waiting on a royalty payment and they said theres were no sales, but my site said i sold thousands of books and i even had the book numbers.
    recently my ebook was selling 264 books for the 3rd quarter just at opening, and now their claiming no sales,
    look ive got pictures of the website saying i sold thousands of books, and its not the first time.
    ive got a catchy book phrase and ive seen it resell used for $80 dollars.
    and my outher problem is im only getting 1.60 per sale, and not the 4 dollars they promised,
    most of all they are very deceptive in their practices and always contradict themselves.

  16. Brianna S Moss said:

    I would also like to be included in this lawsuit. Xlibris falsifies the royatlies and claims that you haven’t sold any books. I have evidence and invoices that prove the contrary of the inaccurate records that Xlibris has given to me. I have had a laundry list of issues and problems with Xlibris and would never EVER recommend them to anyone. They are a horrible company and they should not be permitted to do business in America. Whenever you call, you will be transferred to people who are “in a meeting” or will not return your call/email. To name a few: Chris Devero, Dana Scott, Michelle Adams, Glenn Garcia, Cynthia Mathews (really spelled this way), Mel Gates, Faith Calhoon, Ryan Yu, etc. You can contact me, if and when you decide to go to court against this awful company.

    • Monique Robert said:

      Add me to the list Brianna. Scroll down and read just a small portion of what they did to me – even 3 years after I terminated my contract with them!

  17. Donna R. Bannister said:

    Author house sold me 500 HC and 500 SC. They said I would need that many for the book signings that they would sit up for me. Didn’t happen. It is left up to me to sell the books without their help. That is not the half of the story. They sold me every package they had to offer. Did it help absolutely not. Yes my books have been selling but the royalties are minus. What a shame!! I hope Author house has to pay everyone their just dues.

  18. christopher keith jenkins said:

    i have a book called american jesus, my name is christopher keith jenkins.
    ive reported my book sales many times showing hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.
    but they would just erase my sale and say it was because of their promotional events,
    well i was promised 4 dollars a book, and 2 dollars for e book.
    they deny me buying the ebook package and also withold my earnings.
    within a day or so i sold over 264 books, and they erased it.
    also google search for my book shows many payday loans being taken out.
    ive taken pictures of the books i sold online to the sight before i called in, and then they will erase it, saying it migrated.
    also i still have a coupe photos, but i know enough to see computers can track anything, since im a private detective.
    ive got experience as a salesman, a books are accounted for.
    this will have been a multi million dollar book in and of itself.

  19. Antonio L Spratt said:

    I contacted author house to publish my book , I sent them a deposit No manscript no nothing just a deposit ..I contacted them about 6mos later for a refund the person on the phone convince me to leave my money with authorHouse publishing so I did…Now 6mos later I’m trying to get a refund again, now they are saying they can’t refund my money because i left it with them so long ..And like i said i sent them money & nothing else. …They did absolutely nothing for me but run my credit card…

  20. Karen Holder said:

    I published a book with IUniverse. The editing was poorly done, with lots of mistakes left behind that I had to hire another editor to reedit my book which I paid IUniverse almost $4,000 to do. On top of everything else their harassing phone calls from their marketing dept to purchase more of their expensive packages, I finally gave in and purchased Trifecta (which would be read by Meredith Vargaras) and possibly put in a movie! Not only did I waste that money but I never got any feedback from Meredith as promised. To make matters worse I found out my book could not be in any bookstores like Barnes & Noble I found out the one thing they did not sell me was a stamp of some kind that is placed on the outside of the book near the ISBN. My sales are almost non-existent and I know several friends have purchased a paper copy that is not showing in my sales reports. When I call they tell me I need to get the receipt from my friend….that would be embarrassing! For the $4,000 I paid plus the $2,000 for my own books to sell, I have only received $280.00 in royalties and that is after I call and ask, which they tell me they are about a month behind. They also have told me I can request an audit! I am very angry that they prey on novice authors but I even told them many many times I could not afford to keep purchasing more packages because I had a disabled son and the medical expenses were staggering. They just used that information to promise me I would be making so much money on my books that I need not worry. I feel like a fool and my dreams of writing have been squashed because the excitement of getting my first book published was such a horror that it took my joy.

    • Ed Willard said:

      Hi Karen,
      Wow, I’m surprised you received even that much in royalties from them. I KNOW FOR AN ABSOLUTE FACT that my novel has sold upwards of 11,000 copies and I have received less than 100 dollars to date, (my novel was published Sept. 1, 2012), and those figures are through June, last year, that is 2015.
      Ed Willard

  21. Rose pascale said:

    I was contacted several times by author house looking for money I am glad I read about this first. I was told that no money is asked for when publishing. I am confused about how to publish now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  22. Lynette Bohrman said:

    No royalties but yet my book which was published by 1st Books many years ago is listed on Ebay, Amazon etc as NEW, who is getting the money?? Still getting phone calls from the company trying to pry money out of me. NO WAY. Class action lawsuit would be wonderful!

    • Ed Willard said:

      Hi Lynette,
      I have read elsewhere that Xlibris/Authorhouse makes about 1/3 off first time/upfront charges, another 1/3 from so called legit ‘services’, that is mostly inserting typos, mistakes, etc. then charging the author to correct them and the remaining 1/3 off stolen royalties, that is essentially lying to the writers about how many copies have been sold etc.
      As I’ve stated, my published novel with them is copyrighted Sept. 1, 2012, in 2013, (the first year there was significant sales, the gross was very close to $14,000….I’m talking EXACTLY here). For the year of 2015 the total was, (again gross), exactly $165,100.00. The book is being sold in 50 countries world wide and I’ve received to date under 100 dollars in royalties from Xlibris. If hungry cats are milling around your legs, you can bet that something sure smells mighty good to them!
      I’m seeing more and more that Xlibris…Authorhouse…and whatever variety of names this behemoth goes by is a pretty vast Goliath. Isolated and alone, as individual writers, we might not have a whole lot of power, but as a LARGE, ANGRY, AND DETERMINED group, all of that changes! Don’t give up! We can get our due!
      Ed Willard

  23. Cindy May Kennedy said:

    I have been deceived by Author House Self Publishing and I am definitely interested in filling suit against them. I have for several years tried to find help to make what they have done and taking from me right. Please contact me so I can finally get my book back.’ I have full rights to my book . The injustices that they have done is unbelievable. I was convinced I had totally lost my book and royalties for ever. Thank You Contact me @ 361- 332 -4493 or 123 South Oak Street, Saint Elmo Illinois Great Full for any and all help.

  24. Marguerite Bladen said:

    My book has just been published by XLibris. I paid $499 for the package plus a similar amount for marketing. Now I have paid another $174 for permission to set my own price. Since I am 85 and living off my savings, I am concerned that I have spent money on something that will not have any result. At this point can somebody give me advice or should I wait and see? Has anybody been satisfied with using this company? The book cover and layout look good. Marguerite Bladen

  25. Geddy said:

    I published through Xlibris in 2011 but I paid to begin production late in 2010. Part of the “special” they were holding at the time was to automatically enroll me in the EMC 200,000 which stand for Email Marketing Campaign 200,000 (emails.) A brief summary of my book along with a clickable thumbnail of my book cover that leads to samples and a sales page was to be emailed along with 4 other book offers to 200,000 prospective book purchasers as a means to jump-start sales of my book well into the thousands. Now you tell me out of 200,000 likely buyers how many in sales could I rightfully expect with a stellar epic poetry book that has an iconic timeless Renaissance cover? 10%? 5%? Perhaps only 3%? Even 1% of buyers would have made a clean 2,000 copies sold right off the bat. Instead, I sold 0 copies through this campaign. I am not kidding you. You read that right—ZERO! Not even a curiosity purchase or an accidental purchase—NOTHING out of one-fifth of a million emails to likely buyers! Total BS!!! I’m sorry, but to have 200,000 consecutive “No’s” from people who have signed up intentionally to buy books is simply statistically impossible. So from there I knew Xlibris did one of two things: Either they sold thousands of copies of my book and never told me about it collecting all my fees or flat out lied about including me in this email marketing campaign to begin with. Either way, from the start I new NEVER to pay for a single marketing option from them again.

    Since then I have sold maybe a few dozen copies of my book to my knowledge which again seems extremely low and daunting. And considering people are paying well over $20 for a soft cover copy when all is said and done, my $4 royalty through direct purchases (very rare) or pathetic $1.50 through Amazon (much more common) makes it very clear my publishing career is over before it started if Xlibris is the way. So now I am working on a few post production corrections before I buy everything back from them and go on my own. They get you on the feeling of being a success for merely publishing your work but all the while rob you blind be it through taking your royalties or scamming you on marketing programs. I’d rather go with Amazon Direct or Kindle Direct. Sell for cheaper and make much more money doing it!

    If anyone can offer light onto this situation for me, contact me at my FB book link listed with this comment. Thank you.

  26. Christopher Persaud said:

    I have used Xlibris Corporation to publish about five books to date. I have never received more than mere pittances for my supposedly “excellent” books. Two of the books I published won international awards and were advertised on the Internet, via press releases etc. My books appear on Ebay, yet I have not received any royalties over the past couple of years except for a few dollars. Is there really a class action lawsuit in the making against these people?

    Christopher Persaud

    • Mick Rooney said:

      There is Christopher – more than one action. Two now filed in New York and Indiana states. If you take a look at TIPM’s most recent posts on the Author Solutions case, you will find details and link on how to contact GSAS law firm which is inviting claims at the moment.

  27. William C Chappell said:

    It appears to me, after several years and months, of trying to work with AuthorHouse – that they may not be publishing books anymore – but only ripping off the 70,000 authors that they have. A couple of years ago, they talked me into buying the Publishers Review listing, as well as the returnability option – for about $600. They assured me that it would be printed, but it never did come out – so that was a total loss. Since last September 2014 I have simply ordered the Hardcover option for one of my books – for which they charged me $350. AuthorHouse has given me the run-a-round for the past six months – saying that they will call me back – when they never do. Told me that they can’t find the digital file for my book, and now are saying that I didn’t pay for it. That’s why I checked today – just to see if other authors are being ripped off – or if there might already be a Class Action Lawsuit against AuthorHouse. Count William C Chappell in on the lawsuit.

  28. Peter Taylor said:

    I published my book The Knock – a fictional tale about small time journalists with big time ambitions weaving a trail of distress, mayhem, double standards, dirty tricks and binge drinking through the community they serve.
    Sounds a bit like Xlibris doesn’t it?
    For around £500 (800 dollars) I thought the production of the book was really good. I liked the product and the illustration and the way it was placed on Amazon. Then I started getting calls from their salesmen in Indiana. I was a “hot” newly-published author and, boy, do the know how to exploit that. I agree with nearly all the criticisms of the firm I have read hear and it’s disgusting that their salesmen should prey on people who often don’t have much money to spare. I also think they don’t come clean on royalties.
    Hope to hear more about this in future.

  29. Monique Robert said:

    There are so many problems I’d had with Authorhouse, listing them would take way too much time. The last straw is that I have just found the first chapter of my book online with Google books; these idiots (Authorhouse) “forgot” to take down! I did NOT give them permission to give this chapter out, for FREE, and it’s been up for YEARS, since I terminated my contract with them at least 3 years ago! My book has been available on Amazon since, and has been doing very well – MUCH better than when it was with Authorhouse, regardless of the fact that it was sold through Amazon while I was with them too, yet the royalties I was receiving from Authorhouse were terrible! This proves (to me at least) that Authorhouse was doing something fishy! I published my book “Papier Mache Design” with them in 2009. I look very much forward to seeing if I qualify for this class action suit, or some kind of compensation from them.

  30. christopher keith jenkins said:

    they sell my book for $15.99, and it will only sell for about $6.99.
    it cost pennies to print on demand.
    i cant lower the price and make profit.
    because they are giving my book away on amazon and barnes and noble for $11.00.
    which is what the author discount per book costs.
    well im not even getting any roaylty whatsoever.
    and ive got pictures from where they have seized my book sales of thousands of books per day.
    i sold hundreds of thousands, but they stole the roayalties and said they were charging 11.00 to print on demand.
    and say ive only sold 4.with a royalty.
    claiming no body buys my book and they are doing a “book promotion”.

  31. Rose Roberts said:

    These people are evil. I’m also going after them for my royalties. They flat out stole from me. Many people have bought my book, through downloads,and even family members have, and xlibiris told me that I only have 5.99 in royalties. I know of a large number of people that have bought through downloads. They are just down right evil. They must be stopped.


    They do not follow through our follow up, I want to be part of the lawsuit.

  33. Authorspage said:

    If there is going to be a Class Action Lawsuit, I definitely would like to be a part of it. Authors Solution aka Xlibris has cost Indie Authors tremendous amounts of money while continually offering scam like services. They should be ordered by courts to pay back the financial loss to the Author due to overpricing of their books citing the industry standards that only apply to their company. My book was only 74 pages and they proceeded to charge 24.99 for hardcover and 15.99 for softcover on Amazon and other online book sources and $3.99 for eBook, the problem is I was told the author sets the price and I requested the books be sold for $3.99 EBook, $4.99 SC, and $5.99 HC. When I contacted Amazon they informed me that the prices were from Xlibris and of course Xlibris blamed Amazon. My book has been published since April and the eBook was doing well and receiving great reviews. So I decide to find out how to proceed to have the price of my book lowered to ensure my target audience could afford it and truly it was not about the money, it was an inspirational book written from my heart about something I felt people needed to know.
    Well, Xlibris informed me that Set Your Own Price (SYOP) was not part of my package and proceeded to attempt to sell me another service for $240+. I was highly insulted after realizing that I had already been ripped off for numerous amounts of money. The other insult to my intelligence was the Industry standard price setting, I informed them that I was aware the industry price standard mentioned to me was their print on demand price, and that what should have happen was the price the author requested should have been the price sent to Amazon and the other online bookstores. Xlibris could keep the prices they set, but the authors price should be honored at the other entities and its perfectly legal and every entity that I spoke with agreed including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
    I also wonder if Federal Trade Commission is aware that not all of their activities and business is run from the United States, but in Cebu Philippines. I ran some checks and when I spoke with one of the individuals they were in Cebu, Philippines. I just laughed and thought Wow! They have hired cheap labor. I believe there is a case here and it should be pursued. I have suffered enough hoping to share a story that means the world to me and only to be scammed.
    They are a self-publishing company that offer services and once those services have been rendered everything should be turned over to the author including the account setup with Amazon in other for the author to make price adjustments for promotions and giveaways at the author’s discretion.
    I believe the FTC needs to regulate how much Indie Companies like Xlibris can charge individual seeking their services in relation to conducting the self-service which you can perform nearly for free.
    You can email the FTC on the .Gov website, I am sure we will not be the first.
    I say let’s do this!

  34. Carole Ridling said:

    Count me in!! Five years of disappointment and misrepresentation are by far enough. I want all rights to my book “The Homerun
    Kid” returned to me and monetary losses I have encountered. Any and all association to Authorhouse and any and all affiliates ends today. I feel like I paid them to steal my book and my rights therein. So, at the age of 71, I am taking off my “stupid” hat and look forward to seeing these unscrupulous companies out of business.

  35. Desiree Tamargo said:

    I want to sue Exlibris too. I printed my book in Spanish ‘Nueva Historia’ about six years ago with the intention of giving it to family and friends, but everybody told me that I should sell my books so I finally put up my web site. To my surprise there are many sites that are sellin my books, none with my permission, and when I called Exlibris they said that they allow other sites to sell my book. So when I asked for my royalties they said that nobody has bought the book but I know that is a lie because I found sites were you can give your opinion of a book talking about my book, therefore they did sold it. They have been lying tome and stealing my profit, whatever small it would’ve is mine. So please contact me at

    • Mick Rooney said:

      Hi Desiree,

      Can I stress to anyone wishing to be included in a class action lawsuit that you need to visit the website of law firm GSAS directly and fill out a form. The link to GSAS is included in all our articles on this subject. TIPM is not a representative of the law firm and we are not a conjuate for registration of a claim or inclusion in the action.

  36. Joseph said:

    I know I am kind of late but I would like to join the class action against Trafford they also had reap me off, I want Trafford to immediately stop publishing the two first of my sequel book but just don’t know how… Please can someone out there to help me on this achievement,,, Trafford is a big scam all the way, I have been taking for a ride…

  37. R. Louis Carroll said:

    I published “The Gift; A Christmas Story” through AuthorHouse (then 1st Books Library). My experiences are mirrored in all these previous comments. I finally dumped them when they asked for yet more money from me even though I was so far from breaking even I couldn’t see the top. And, I could find payments to me for books I know locals bought. I could never prove it because they control the books.

  38. R. Louis Carroll said:

    Correction: I could NOT find payments for books I know locals bought.
    If there is a class action….count me in.
    By the way, I got a call from AuthorHouse two weeks ago (even though I dumped them years ago) looking to get me to come back. I can’t repeat what I said to him and still be polite on this forum.

  39. G Larry Butler said:

    I too have been the victom of these fiends. Everything previously said happened to me too. Plus one more thing. I mentioned to one of the “sales reps” that I wanted to sell my book on Amazon Create Space. Xlibris beat me to it and created the account for me. I get 75 cents for every book sold out of $16 which goes to them. They are total thieves, selling me on International Library conventions, UCLA book fairs, review services, websites, etc.
    They aggressively hounded me to buy their worthless promotional services, of which there are many. I even flew out to Bloomington, Indiana and talked to one of the execs there. Now I kinow why he was so nervous. I really want to go after these bastards. They are still after me to take some package where they dont get any more money from my royalty if I pay them $1200. More tricks and lies. The name of my book is HERE LIES MADNESS., which is appropriate in my dealings with them. I want to be part of this class action lawsuit.

  40. karl maier said:

    I have been with Author House almost two years. I have paid thousands of dollars for their services. After they take your money you can’t get them to call you back especially if it is about royalties. HIGH PRESSURE sales bullshit and when you ask about your royalties they won’t return your calls or email. HOW IN THE HELL CAN THEY GET AWAY WITH IT ???

    • Chuck said:

      Please contact me about this law suit as well. I can’t believe this has been going on for so long and they’ve gotten away with cheating so many authors. Kind of says something about our legal system that this can happen.
      My e-mail is . I would be interested in hearing from others who have been taken to the cleaners by Author Solutions and their co conspirators.

  41. Ed Willard said:

    This comment is in response to Yvonne Rousseau:
    Hello Yvonne,
    I’m intrigued by what you have to say about starting your own publishing company. I’ve thought of this as well, though if I could find someone like yourself who already has success doing it, I could see using your services. I have published through Xlibris and been just as ripped off as all these other folks complaining here, (RIGHTLY OF COURSE!). Anyway, I have EXACT FIGURES on my novel, “The End of the World”, (NOT science fiction), and that is that it’s sold way in excess of 11,000 copies to date. Of course, my difficulty is a financial one due to the duplicity of Xlibris/Author House, et al….but fortunately for me, my contract with them is non-inclusive, meaning I can use any publisher I want, and sell independently of them, like on a website, linked to Amazon, etc.
    Additionally I have four other novels, all of which could be ready for publication within 6 to 9 months.
    When you get the chance, I’d very much appreciate your thoughts on this.
    Ed Willard

  42. Greg Zito said:

    I paid Xlibris Publishing over $6,800.00 to edited my book and publish it, it took me almost 8 years to research and write the book. I hired Xlibris Publishing and for about three months , I had spoke with about 18 people, all of them asking so many different questions regarding my book. I finely sent them the files. The next thing I knew they published the book. Friends of mine called and asked why I didn’t hire a publisher. So I read one of the books that Xlibris sent to me, and I was shocked, there was about 40 per cent of mistakes, out of order phases and stories, duplicate stories and duplicate photo’s. I called Xlibris and they could not explain, why they published the book. I cancelled my contract. and went to work on my book adding an additional 100 pages. I then hired Outskirts Press. and told them of my situation and they agreed to make the corrections and re-publish my book Outskirts Press took complete control and the first thing they did was to change the cover. They changed the title and sub-title to large white lettering making the book very attractive. They did a good job. The title remained the same History of Street Cops author Greg Zito
    Amazon advertised the first published book that all the mistakes, and I called them and Xlibris but no one had any answers for me. Finely I was contacted by Xlibris. And who ever called wanted me to talk to the editor, I told him to tell the editor to read the book they published and then call me back, I haven’t heard from them. Amazon displays the first published book and the second published book side by side, I called Amazon but to no avail. they continued to display both the first book with all the mistakes and the corrected book with al the corrections. I paid Outskirts Press over $4,600.00 adding Xlibris costs I have paid over $11,000.00 The 28 individuals that review my book, rated the book 90 per cent five stars.
    Is there an attorney available to file a law suit against Xlibris Publishing, Author Greg Zito E mail Thank you for your time

  43. Chuck said:

    In 2014 I paid to have 2 books published. The first was a preview of the 10 books I had planned to write. It went off without a hitch. Well sort of. It includes several mistakes which I sent corrections for, in all three galleys. They just never corrected them. But it was finally published in December. In March,2015 I suggested we put out the second book, which was one of the previewed works from the first book. I had paid to have the book gone through, three chapters at a time, so when they offered to edit the book for $400.00, I told them it wasn’t necessary. They sent me the first galley, and I couldn’t believe it. It was like they created the errors on purpose. They moved, reversed and removed most of the quotation marks. I called them up and complained that they had sabotaged my manuscript. They apologized and asked me to make the needed corrections. It took me 2 weeks, but I did it, and faxed them 21 pages of corrections. Listing the page number, line number and the required correction. Then I called Authorhouse several times to ensure that they had received them. They said they had. A week later I got a call from them asking when I was going to send them the corrections. I reminded them that I had sent them in a week earlier and the woman said she forgot. Ten days later I received the second galley. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Not only had they not corrected the errors, they created more that weren’t on the first galley. I immediately called and complained. The representative said that “the correction team must have been confused by the corrections I sent in.” I was amazed by her answer. I gave her corrections that an idiot could follow. Again, she asked me to make the necessary corrections and fax them to her. OR, she suggested that I pay Authorhouse $400.00 to edit my book. I told her I would correct it myself. Thee days later I received a call from Anothorhouse rep. She called to remind me that I only had one galley left, and any errors left a that point would cost me $250.00 per block of 50 errors. Thinking about things later, I was reminded of something my brother had once told me. “The definition of an idiot is someone who does the same thing repeatedly and expects a different outcome each time.” That’s when I realized that it was I who was the idiot, not them. They were the thieves. I stopped all progress on the book and asked for my publishing back. They refused. The contract I signed said they didn’t have to return the fee after 6 months. I told them it had only taken this long because they had kept adding mistakes, and that the 6 months wasn’t up yet. They said by the time they processed it, the 6 months would be up, and they wouldn’t be required to refund the fee. he Authorhouse experience has left me with a bad taste towards publishers and I haven’t tried to publish that or any book since. It has been a year since I “fired” them. A friend of mine went overseas for reserve duty last summer, and when he returned he congratulated me on my book, which made the base commanders list. Authorhouse published my book under a different name and had kept all of the royalties. (I assume they corrected all of the errors that they had created.) Authorhouse has repeatedly denied this. But in the year that has passed, they still call me once a month to try to talk me into sending them more money to market that first book. Can you believe the nerve they have?

  44. Linda said:

    Unfortunately I fell for their scam and have been swindled thousands of dollars. They are harassing in nature and no royalties ever show on my end. As well, I know my book has sold online and when I questioned them they said “no.” They informed me that I am the perfect candidate for “pitch fest” in Vegas and when I spent thousands to get there and pitch they politely told me after the fact that my book was not for that type of event. Total cons!! I would also like to be a part of this to bring them down!!

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  46. George Corcilius said:

    I published a children’s book with Xlibris last August. 3 years work, study, learn to draw, all in vain. money from loyalties, that’s a joke.
    but they quick to ask for money, the book not finished, no author biography, blank pages in the book. And above all else why they hide the book from the public to see and why is it over priced.
    My dealings with customer support and agent are in the Philippines, that is where they operate from..
    I feel that all my work has been destroyed.

    • john Repp said:

      Do you still want to sue them in a class action?
      This guy Jamey and I are working on it.
      Please get as many people as you can that were ripped off.
      Kindly get back to me.
      John Repp

  47. Lisa Tompkins said:

    My children’s book about a child with Down Syndrome was published by Authorhouse in Feb of 2013. It has done well on Amazon and through my own marketing efforts. However, Authorhouse has sold zero copies of the over 600 that have been sold to date! And it is like pulling teeth to get my royalty payment every quarter. It is always late. They tried to sell me an extra library marketing package at the time of publishing for an extra $4900 that didn’t even exist! After three months of hounding them, they did send a refund for that package. This company, although they did produce a nice product, provides poor customer service and breeches the terms of their own contract. They need to be held accountable

  48. Bonny Warren said:

    they took me athorhouse authorhouse solutions, Amazon, & barns an noble my book is being sold online last 5 years & only checks i got was for $4. my sister bought 10 books, my other sisters bought my book Sliding down the rainbow of faith by Bonny Jean Castelli that was 5 years ago i never cashed that check never heard from again oh my sister gave nine copies of book to some missionaries who took my book to Africa to teach the children in the bush to read so it wasn’t a compleat waste.

  49. Juanita Tischendorf said:

    I published a book, Who Says I’m Small with Author House, in 2005 and a book entitled Til Death Do Us Part?
    with Writers Club Press which stated it is an imprint of this book was published in 2000. I have not seemed to earn royalties and have invested at both places funds in the amount of $2,000 to $4,500. Again I was responsible for all the publicity as the few they set up were not profitable and far and in between. I believe that this is a sin. We are authors trying to get published and we are being hurt for doing something positive in our life.
    I did not invest in any packages that they presented to me in order to improve sales and from what I am hearing I am glad I did not, though their push is very encouraging that I would sell lots of books with their marketing tactics.
    If there is a class action suit, I would like to be part of it and maybe if this happens this type of ‘thief’ will be eliminated.

  50. Julie Freeman said:

    My name is Julie Freeman. I authored “Shattered Lives” with AuthorHouse in 2011. Since that time, I have received a few $3.00 checks here and there while my book continues to sell TO DATE on multiple on-line sites including Barnes & Noble and Amazon. I firmly believe I have been scammed out of any profits by making the awful move to go with this publisher. Please advise how I might join the class action lawsuit against AuthorHouse.
    Thank you,
    Julie Freeman

  51. Kristen Ambler said:

    I published my book Sunshine In My Mind with Authorhouse in 2011. I know many copies were sold and I never received proper royalties. Many times when I know it was sold I received none. I received $20 once and a few $1 to $3 checks. I spent big money and was promised my copyright papers as well which I never received and was given some lame excuse about. Please stand up for the writers who were taken by this fraudulent company.

  52. Kathie Lightfoot said:

    I published Unchosen Destiny back in 2011. I know there were book sales yet i never received a dime of any royalties. When i first got my package they told me i would receive 60% of profits then after i took out a 4k loan they suddenly changed it to where i only would get 2 dollars per sale. They also said with that 4k i would have my book edited. THEY DID NO EDITING!! NOTHING!! No Commercials aired only a you tube video. If any lawyer of any class action suit wants to contact me i would appreciate it immensely.

  53. Raymonde Mcnally said:

    I signed up with Xlibris on November of 2018, mr Adam marquis told me I only needed $798.00 to get my book published,I paid that, then a day later mr Joe cutler tried to get me to pay him $10,000 for publishing I told him that was not explained to me before,I mentioned to him if I had known all the money involved I would not start the project, he continued to pressure me for more money, then I gave in a paid $3000, he said it was for marketing, as soon as I paid that,a other gentleman call me from Xlibris stating for me to pay an additional $1500 to allow others to buy my book from me, I gave the money but nothing happened and my book is still not where it needs to be, and they are not pushing my book as they said it would be, nothing has been done to publish my book, I am asking for me to be added to the lawsuit against them for dishonest practices.

  54. Maria T Berestein said:

    14 years ago Authorhouse published my book in Spanish. Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble etc. have been selling the book to people I know. I haven’t seen a penny in 14 years.