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Author Solutions Remove Jared Silverstone Social Media Accounts

Author Solutions Remove Jared Silverstone Social Media Accounts

Is the ASI ‘fake social media pages’ issue the first sign that new owners Pearson won’t tolerate questionable practices or have ASI just been caught with their pants down in public? Related articles Morrison, Shatzkin and The Value of Social Media in Publishing It’s Their Fault – Not Mine! I Was In The McCloud Morrison!


Self-Publish YOUR Book | Echo Creative Media

Published on German Link (Photo credit: guioconnor) Recorded @ Creative Ones Feb 18th 2012 Join 20 year publishing veterans Brenda Noel and Dawn Sherill of Echo Creative Media as they talk about the ins and outs of writing and book publishing. Related articles Final Heads Up on TIPM, TIPM Media and Seeking Advice Web &


Guest Post: Online Publishing with a Twist | Amanda Meuwissen of BigWorldNetwork

Combining ebooks, audiobooks and eventual paperbacks in episodic eSeries, may be the new television for books. Guest poster and Managing Editor at BWN, Amanda Meuwissen explains: is The eSeries Network, a new kind of publisher offering serialized online publication of fiction and non-fiction, audio versions of all eSeries episodes, and eventual compilations to


It’s Their Fault – Not Mine! I Was In The McCloud Morrison!

Image via CrunchBase In light of recent articles and debates here and elsewhere on the state of publishing, the rise of self-publishing and social media as a marketing tool, I came across this interview featuring Scottish author Ewan Morrison talking with Andrew Keen from Techcrunch some weeks after last year’s Edinburugh Book Festival. Since Morrison’s


Is The Photobook The New Self-Publishing Phenomenon?

44.4thFotoWeekDC.Central.18L.NW.WDC.5November2011 (Photo credit: Elvert Barnes) This morning the Independent UK has a piece entitled, Do we still have a thirst for coffee table books? written by Tim Walker. The piece looks at the continued success of the Quarto publishing group, famous for its large-format, illustrated titles and coffee table books. Walker’s piece even goes as