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Irish Novelist Maeve Binchy Has Died

Irish Novelist Maeve Binchy Has Died

|| RIP || Maeve Binchy || A TRIBUTE || (Photo credit: C.C.) The celebrated Irish novelist Maeve Binchy has died following a short illness. She was 72 and a prolific writer of novels, novellas, short stories and books of non-fiction. Several of her novels were adapted as Hollywood films, including Tara Road and perhaps her most loved


Good Housekeeping: TIPM and TIPM Media

I’m not a great lover of writing rants or berating readers and correspondents of The Independent Publishing Magazine. However, the time has come to tighten up on some guidelines on submissions to the magazine and the work I do at TIPM Media. Firstly, The Independent Publishing Magazine is open to people who would like to


The Future of Publishing 2020: Control, Coker and ASI

This is a pretty thought-provoking post by Smashwords‘ Mark Coker. There are a number of strong arguments he makes for the control and advantage indie authors may hold over traditionally published authors in regards to ebook pricing. “One surprise, however, was that we found $2.99 books, on average, netted the authors more earnings (profit per


Publishers Lunch | ASI-Pearson Deal – Related Links

Publishers Lunch » Penguin Acquires Self-Publishing Service Author Solutions For $116 Million One significant area this Publishers Lunch coverage does raise is the argument that the POD bubble may be on the wane. ASI has put a great deal into the launch of Booktango, as an ebook self-publishing platform, and the sale of ASI may


Opinion: Pearson Acquisition of Author Solutions – Change, What Change?

There is certainly nothing out of place with today’s acquisition by Pearson – Penguin’s parent company – of the largest self-publishing service provider, Author Solutions (ASI). While the purchase of ASI might raise a few furrowed brows in the established publishing industry, the sale by ASI’s parent compant, Bertram Capital, has been on the back burner for


Breaking: Pearson Acquires Author Solutions Inc From Bertram Capital

The breaking news this afternoon – and probably this year on the self-publishing landscape – is the announced acquisition of the largest global self-publishing provider, Author Solutions Inc, by Pearson, who own the Penguin Publishing Group. This could well represent the sea-change in the publishing world we have been expecting for quite a while. I


Mill City Press (Hillcrest Media) – Reviewed and Revised (2017)

Mill City Press is an author solutions provider based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Originally founded in 2005, Mill City Press began with an investment from Click Industries, then owned by former lawyer in intellectual property, Mark Levine. Levine, an author of two novels (I will Faithfully Execute and Saturn Return) and a highly successful book on negotiating the minefield of self-publishing companies (The