Vook Launch eBook Creation Platform

The good news today is that the Vook ebook creation platform came out of beta and went fully live. The cloud-based publishing platform will allow both authors and publishers to distribute ebooks through Vook to Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore and Barnes & Noble. Certainly the strengths of the new Vook platform is the facility to distribute to more than one online bookstore combined with easy-to-use creation tools. So, will this put it ahead of the reach and popularity of the Kindle, the iBookstore or even Smashwords? Well, in a word… No! That’s the bad news.
Whatever about a publishing utilising and uploading multiple book files, I can’t see most self-published authors paying the large fees charged by Vook for this new creation tool and distribution network. There is an annual account fee starting at $79 per month (or $849 per year) moving up to an advanced subscription fee of $299 ($3199 per year), and add to that a separate distribution fee of $99 per distribution credit. Vook will offer discounts to members of CLMP (Council For Literary Magazines), which includes three ebooks at $199 before distribution credits!
The Vook platform looks like a great tool, but I just can’t see the ordinary mortal author signing up. In short, a false dawn. Great tool – shame about the large fees.
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  1. Shaker said:

    Vook won’t last. Authors are not interested in paying huge fees for what other leading better services do completely for free. Seems to me like Vook is just one of those overnight business out to make it, without caring about their success depends on their authors making money, which I love so much about other services, actually all the services that do that.