The Book Producers (The Author’s Friend) – Reviewed (Updated 2017)

This publishing service is currently undergoing an identity crisis. TAF Publishing now comes under The Book Producers Ltd. I’m trying to decipher this maze of Russian Dolls, wrapper by wrapper – who left who – who runs what, and just exactly what it means for self-published authors. The Book Producers fully relaunched in September 2012 and is run by author and publisher David Jones (formerly of TAF Publishing/The Author’s Friend).

“We’ve spent the last few weeks rebuilding and re-organsing. We’ve introduced many new and innovative ideas to benefit everyone looking to get a book published. Managing Director David Jones is excited by our new offerings.

Take a look at our new publishing packages – with our economy pack you are now able to get your book published for as little as €795, and that includes 50 free paperback copies. We’ve a new E-publishing service so you can take advantage of the ‘Kindle revolution’. We’ve also introduced a new audio book service which will be the next big thing to hit the market. We’ve a brand new on-line book shop ready to launch in the next few weeks – it will feature lots of new ideas to help you market your book both here in Ireland and world-wide.
It doesn’t stop there though – we’re teaming up with The Irish Writers Institute to offer creative writing courses and workshops. We’ve a new book – Licence To Write – which explains everything you need to know about writing a book. We will also be launching the new 2013 Irish Writers, Authors and Poets Handbook which contains masses of details about writing and getting published in Ireland.”
In time, we will have a full review of this company.
UPDATE 2017: No longer believed to be in operation.


  1. Oscar Duggan said:

    A few people have been in touch with me asking ‘what has happened to The Author’s Friend’. All I can say is that I am no longer involved with it, even though my name is still listed in various places on the website. As far as I can see the website hasn’t changed since I handed over the reigns and as Mick has commented, it does look a lot like ‘Elvis has left the building.’

    I have to say I enjoyed my time at The Author’s Friend and worked with a lot of interesting people. It was a venture that garnered quite a lot of praise and not a few imitators – which one always has to regard as the highest form of flattery! Credit for what was achieved belongs to a lot of people, not least those authors who took a chance and showed faith in us, especially at the early stages.

    For my own part, I am still working in publishing. I have a number of projects on my books at the moment but always on the look out for more. You can find me at The Manuscript Publisher –

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