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Self-Publishing Services: Horses of a different colour?

While catching up with the publishing news today after being away for a few days, I came across two separate articles about two very different kinds of author solutions services. From the perspective of an author wanting to self-publish, this is very much a case of horses of a different colour. Michael N. Marcus examines


Pan Mac launches Compass for digital backlist | The Bookseller

Pan Mac launches Compass for digital backlist | The Bookseller Pan Macmillan has launched a new imprint to bring backlist titles to readers as digital editions or print on demand titles. Macmillan Compass will be managed by fiction publisher Jeremy Trevathan and digital director Sara Lloyd. The publisher said the imprint will establish exclusive publishing


What Traditional Publishers Can Learn from Self-Publishers | O’Reilly Webcasts

This Friday O’Reilly Media will broadcast a free webcast about self and traditional publishing as part of their O’Reilly Tools of Change online event series. The subject of the webcast is ‘What Traditional Publishers Can Learn from Self-Publishers’. It’s a theme I have written about many times here on The Independent Publishing Magazine. O’Reilly Media


The Rise of The Indie Author | BBC Online

Image via Wikipedia The rise of the indie author | BBC Online It is not too often we see the BBC mention self-publishing. This morning this feature piece appeared in the Entertainment & Arts section about two UK authors riding high in the Kindle ebook sales charts. “As American John Locke becomes the first self-published


Every good ebook needs a good editor | Guardian UK

Every good ebook needs a good editor | Guardian UK “I don’t say publishers today are perfect, because they’re not. They’ve been far too slow to react to the digital age and don’t really, I think, fully embrace its potential. I don’t believe editorial standards in all traditional publishing houses are absolutely perfect, either. But