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POD Index for Author Solutions Services – Coming Soon

POD Index for Author Solutions Services – Coming Soon

The POD INDEX for author solutions services is something we have been working on for the past couple of months. The most asked question we get at POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing is often along the lines of; ‘What self-publishing service should I go with?‘; ‘Is so and so a good service to go with?‘;


What Price The iPad Now in China?

One news item carried in much of the mainstream press this week has been the series of suicides committed by workers at Foxconn Technology Group who operate a number of production plants in Asia. For the most part, this week, the publishing world and technology media sites have focused on the launch of the international


Amazon Announce Six Finalists in Breakthrough Novel Award

Amazon and Penguin have announced the six finalists in this year’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Amazon will now make excerpts available from the six novels online and Amazon customers can vote their their favourite one by visiting the dedicated website. Voting will close on June 2nd and two grand prize winners will emerge, each receiving