Raider International Publishing – Concerns

I am reposting this piece from almost one year ago. Simply, because the continued feedback I am receiving from authors who have used, or are in the process of using this publisher’s services, have continued to be negative. I see no evidence through the communications I have had with Raider authors, who have contacted me, that the promises made from this publisher to address the issues they highlighted  – this time last year – are being properly addressed. This is the very first time in the three years of POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing that I am personally not advising authors to use their services.  

Some recent correspondence prompted me to check back on Raider International Publishing. In fact, over the past two years of this site’s existence, the Raider publisher review and linked postings have actually recorded some of the highest visitors here. Just for all those surfers who opened Google and typed in ‘Raider Publishing Scam‘, or some such variation, no, Raider International Publishing are a successful subsidy publisher for authors and not some vanity publishing scam that takes authors to the cleaners.

The most recent news from Raider International Publishing is their recruitment of additional staff to their New York offices and the continuing innovation in ideas and marketing they demonstrate. They have continued to develop their Raider Broadcasting Network with podcasts of new release books, also their Writers Forum show, an online and print magazine, and their latest venture; a bona-fide retail outlet for Raider titles. Their CEO Adam Salviani and team assures that further details and developments will come in the new year.
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  1. Lisa M. Smith said:

    Raider International Publishing is in breach of contrack with me, for several issues, most importantly for non-pay. That is, I have not received my “quarterly reports” this year, except for one in February 2010. Since then, Adam Salviani and his “assistant” Tom Carson, have been virtually non-responsive to my requests for royalty reports.
    I see on Amazon, that my book has had sales throughout the year.
    I also see my book listed on eBay, by one of their top sellers in Australia since May 2010.
    It is very frustrating, to say the least, to feel reluctant to promote one’s own book!
    I am wondering if any of Raider’s other authors are having difficulty with non-pay, and if anyone has started a suit against them.
    Perhaps we can join together in a class action suit. My nephew is currently Editor-in-Chief at Stetson (Law) Universary.
    If anyone is interested in contacting me for this matter, please email: