Carina Press Launch with First Ten e-Book Titles


It seems like an age since we last mentioned e-publisher Carina Press, an imprint of romance publisher Harlequin Enterprises. Yesterday marked the official launch of their first ten titles.

“As a digital-first publisher Carina Press is a natural extension to our business; it builds on our digital strength and leadership position. It gives us greater flexibility in the type of editorial we can accept from authors and offer to readers. As such, we expect to discover new authors and unique voices. As well, we hope to reach a new group of readers with niche editorial.”

Donna Hayes, CEO and Publisher of Harlequin

Carina Press will plan to publish about ten books per week in a number of romance subgenres. The e-books will be priced competitively between $2.99 and $6.99 and range from novellas of 20,000 words to novels of 100,000 words.
“More and more readers are migrating to the digital world. They’re as interested in refreshingly original stories, told by authors with truly distinct perspectives, as they are compelled by the immediacy of digital publishing. With a click they can have the book right in front of them on their computer or portable device. There’s no waiting for a book to arrive and it’s never out of stock.”

Angela James, Executive Editor of Carina Press

Carina Press ebooks are available on the Carina Press website and through third-party retailers such as and Carina Press ebooks are published in the ePUB format and can be read on a variety of devices, including computer, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, nook, Kobo, BlackBerry and mobile phone. Carina Press does not utilize digital rights management so readers are able to share stories between devices. Carina Press also offers digital review galleys through NetGalley.

Audible Inc. will produce unabridged audio versions of many Carina Press titles and make them available at, iTunes and will launch the Carina Press audio titles in July 2010.

Carina Press is currently accepting submissions in all genres of commercial fiction. Carina Press will consider shorter length stories, genre novels from 50,000 to more than 100,000 words and complex narratives of over 100,000 words. Carina Press will also acquire books that have been previously released in print form, but for which the author has either retained digital rights or had digital rights revert to them. All submissions should be sent to


  1. Editor said:


    37 titles slated alone for this month, according to the press release.

    Do keep in mind that Carina Press actually opened its dorrs to ebook submissions in November 2009, and not all the work will be full-length novels. Generally, e-publishers do often have a larger output than print publishers.

  2. des greene said:

    This type of retro development is not good for indie authors as “publishers” once again try to gain control of the new eBook phenomenon.

    Had a look at the Carina site and was unable to determine royalty structure.

  3. Editor said:


    I’m not sure I follow you.

    Why shouldn’t publishers like Carina take control of their ebook output?

    For the past couple of years we have actually been giving publishers a hard time for not taking ebooks seriously and potentially the leading format of books in the future.

  4. Editor said:

    Royalties – lower than other epublishers, from the FAQ’s page on Carina Press…

    “9. Will the royalties be similar to other epublishers (i.e. 35-40%)

    Royalties will be 30% of cover price from direct Carina sales and 15% of cover price from third-party retailers. There is no option clause in the contract and we request a term of seven years.”