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Adventures with Blurb – Part Three

Adventures with Blurb – Part Three

The biggest challenge with using Blurb’s free publishing service is knowing whether an author can turn their book into a viable product for self-publishing. There are several black marks going against Blurb and they are serious enough to send most authors on their heels in the direction of the door. Blurb offer no distribution beyond


Adventures with Blurb – Part Two

The very mention of the word ‘Blurb’ seems to send authors into an immediate comparison with DIY author solutions service, Lulu. While it is understandable, I still see one highly established company pitted against a young pretender. These modern day forces in the author solution world have emerged from different corners of the DIY self-publishing


Best Practices in POD Publishing – Writersweekly

Angela Hoy over at Writersweekly has posted an excellent article on ‘Best Practices’ for POD publishers and companies offering author solution services. I have touched on a lot of these best practices here, but Angela has a lot more too, particularly on the issue of royalties. Here is the link to that article: Also, my

blurb – The Coming Adventure

Over the past year the ‘Adventures with Lulu’ articles have drawn some of the widest and most sustained interest from visitors to this site. On a personal basis, they also provided me with plenty of enjoyment and experience of my own self-publishing journey, notwithstanding the fact that they directly led to my last two books,

Value of UK Publishers’ Sales 2008 Down Just 0.2%

Sales for UK publishers were down just 0.2% for 2008. This is in spite of the current economic downturn in retail sales towards the end of last year. In total, UK publishers sold an estimated 855m books, with an invoice value of £2990m. The Publishers Association, who is preparing the forthcoming Statistical Yearbook 2008, compiled


Trafford Publishing – Reviewed

“Success in PublishingA dream of publishing a book as you envision it can never become a reality unless you find a company that believes in making dreams come true.” Trafford Publishing is one of the largest author solution service companies in the world using print-on-demand digital print technology. They are a Canadian company but