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York Publishing Services (YPS) – Reviewed

York Publishing Services (YPS) – Reviewed Amazon Titles – Not valid as company provides true bespoke services I came across York Publishing Services in the ‘Writers & Artists Yearbook 2009’ which I got a hold of in January. No matter how much research you do in this business, week by week, you are always uncovering something or someone you never


Wil Wheaton’s Interview with

There is an interesting interview with author, actor, social commentator and BBC correspondent, Wil Wheaton about his new book ‘Sunken Treasure’ on’s blogspot. Wil Wheaton is an author who was previously published by a tradional press but choose the avenue of self publishing with Lulu. You can catch Nick Popio’s interview with Wil Wheaton


Publishing Basics Magazine – Change or Be Damned Article

Publishing Basics is a monthly magazine which I subscribe to. It is owned and run by publishing guru Ron Pramschufer who also owns RJ Communications. In this month’s edition I have an article which was published on this site last year entitled ‘Publishing Industry – Change or Be Damned’. You can get a free


AuthorHouse USA – Reviewed (Updated, March 2010)

http://www.authorhouse.com USA & UK based titles – 42, titles– 49,700 Standard Package starts at $599++ AuthorHouse have been providing self publishing services for authors for many years. They remain one of the heavy-hitters of the self publishing industry, are owned by Author Solutions, who also own iUniverse, and have the largest slice of self


Waterstone’s New Voices 2009 List Released

Waterstones, the hight street English retailer, has announced its list of literary ‘New Voices’ for 2009. The books are all from new and emerging literary talent which the retailer believes will develop and flourish over the next year and beyond. A considerable amount of the titles are released from Independent publishing houses. Waterstones believe these


Snowbooks Publishing &

I have mentioned a number of times in my articles that small and independent publishers do utilise some of’s book set-up services. Small publishers can choose to use to complete their finalised PDF files for their digital printer, or use them for an initial ‘test’ proof before committing to an off set print

David Jones – Self Publisher, Jobless and Proud

I’ve touched quite a bit on this site about the effects of the economic downturn on publishing. Well, today is a new and optimistic day for self published author David Jones. Just a few weeks ago, David Jones was working away in a furniture company, oblivious to the changes about to occur in his life.

Dan Poynter Interviewed by Smashwords

Smashworlds, an on line ebook seller has just done an interview with self publishing guru, Dan Poynter. He has just published his acclaimed “Self-Publishing Manual – Volume 2”. In the interview, he discusses the future of publishing and how self published authors may have the upper hand on the traditional publishing world through their active

Mick Rooney – Author Page

I have just set up my author page at the following link. I am still developing it, and over the coming days I will add in the appropriate links and finalise the layout. The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media