CreateSpace Launch Full Online Distribution For Pro-Plan

CreateSpace today announced that it is introducing full online distribution to authors who opt for their PRO plan offer. This has been long overdue and brings CreateSpace into line with many other author solutions services. Historically CreateSpace has only offered online distribution through their own ebook store and parent company Amazon. Here is the full press release.

“CHARLESTON, S.C. – Dec. 03, 2009 – CreateSpace, part of the, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) group of companies, today announced a new agreement with Lightning Source Inc., the print on-demand unit of Ingram Content Group Inc. The collaboration between the two companies will expand CreateSpace’s distribution options for its members beyond and CreateSpace eStores.

Under the new agreement, CreateSpace’s Books on-Demand platform will allow members to print and then distribute their titles to thousands of bookstores, libraries and online retailers. CreateSpace members will have access to this enhanced print and distribution option as part of the CreateSpace Pro Plan, a program which gives members access to lower print pricing for their own book orders and better royalties for sales on

“With this expansion, CreateSpace members will not only be able to reach customers, but they can also reach the thousands of bookstores, libraries and online retailers that work with the Ingram Content Group, ” said Dana LoPiccolo-Giles, managing director, CreateSpace. “With Lightning Source and Ingram, our members can make their titles available to the larger book marketplace while remaining inventory-free with print on-demand.”

“At Ingram, we are passionate about books and the book industry,” said Philip Ollila, chief content officer, Ingram Content Group. “Our new relationship with CreateSpace is a continuation of Ingram’s long-term strategy to offer the broadest selection of books to our customers worldwide.”

For more information about CreateSpace, please visit”


  1. Mick Rooney said:

    I have been critical of Lulu for moving toward publishing packages and the recent merger of Booksurge and Createspace does suggest a similar path – this really does put Createspace a very large stride ahead of Lulu. Effectively, it removes one of the two points I had against them – the limited online distribution and the lack of a hardback option. Though there may be an additional cost, I suspect the hardback option will become a standard once the merger settles down.

    But, yes, this is a real stride forward for Createspace, and it is now hard to see a clear and obvious rival. Blurb have still a way to go next year, but they could emerge as a rival later in 2010.

  2. Mick Rooney said:

    Actually, not quite so Brian. The link-up with Lightning Source opens up the UK print plant for CreateSpace, allowing Amazon to ship online orders from the UK rather than previously relying on Booksurge US. In fact, though Amazon have not admitted it, most paperback POD titles are sourced through Amazon’s print affiliates in the UK, and this has been the case for much of 2009.

    No, it does not solve the problem of proper hard and fast sales to brick and mortar retail outlets in the UK high streets.

  3. Brian said:

    Interesting. Thankyou. told me otherwise. So how do UK folks order such a book? From .com, or from .uk? I’ve only just disvovered your very useful site. Thanks.

  4. Mick Rooney said:


    Even with, the books should be routed through the nearest printer to the shipping address. I normally order through the uk site as I live in Ireland.

  5. Bill said:

    When you said “But, yes, this is a real stride forward for Createspace, and it is now hard to see a clear and obvious rival.” – were you referring to all self publishing companies such as Selfpubllshing or Mill City?

  6. Mick Rooney said:

    Thanks, Bill, Great question.

    No, specifically, I had in mind what I refer to on the site as DIY Publishing options. That is, self-publishing options like Lulu, Blurb etc.

    Mill City are a different kettle of fish – their services focus on authors looking for a whole range of services from book formatting, cover design, marketing packages etc.

    Having said that, both Lulu and CreateSpace are moving closer and placing more emphasis on packaged solutions for authors, rather than the ‘come load up your fully completed book’ to our website.

  7. Mick Rooney said:

    The recent developments re distribution simply put Createspace on a par, if not better, with distribution services offered by their main competitor Lulu.