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Chip Kidd: Book Cover Design & The Future of E-books

Chip Kidd: Book Cover Design & The Future of E-books

Chip Kidd, renowned book cover designer is currently on a trip to Ireland and this evening he did an interview for Culture Shock, an arts program on one of Ireland’s national radio broadcasters, Newstalk, hosted by Fionn Davenport. Chip Kidd  is an associate art director at Knopf, an imprint of Random House. He joined the Knopf book


Self-Publishing Book Expo: New York, Saturday, November 7th

The much anticipated Self-Publishing Book Expo in New York’s Sheraton Hotel is just a week away, taking place on Saturday, November 7th. The organizers of the event have managed to put together a very impressive array of speakers and panelists from the world of self-publishing services, independent presses, distributors, printers and self-published authors. The highlight


AU Optronics Goes All Floppy With E-paper Future

It must be the day for e-reader and e-paper announcements. AU Optronics Corporation today announced a series of innovative e-paper technology devices. One is a 20-inch e-paper LCD-shaped monitor which has a myriad of possibilities, from public information units to advertising monitors. This is just one of a number of innovative products AU Optronics will