Man Booker 2009 Submissions Guilty of ‘sloppy editing’


Here is an interesting aside from this week’s announcement of the shortlist for the Man Booker prize. We all know that self-published books often come in for some fair criticism about the standard of editing and at times the complete lack of editorial input. But according to the chairman of the Man Booker prize and BBC Radio 4 journalist, James Naughtie, books from prestigious publishing houses do not hold the moral ground entirely.

Naughtie described the submissions for the Man Booker award as a ‘vintage’ year, but criticised some books for ‘sloppy editing in some very good books’, and submissions also included ‘some bad books, and some awful books’. Naughtie was speaking after the announcement of this year’s shortlist.



  1. Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said:

    I hate this, but it’s true. The editing issue is a big one for us, and I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past, but I’d never let a book go to print NOW without at least a few rounds of edits.

    The problem with self-published authors is that a lot of us can’t take the heat of critiscm; although I’m thankful for it myself, it still stings. So many just don’t want to hear it.

  2. Louise said:

    Editing is a must. It’s a matter of pride.

    I know some writers, like Christy says, dislike criticism but more fool them!

    I’m so harsh lol but I mean it kindly.